This is what we wore the night before our anniversary, when we went on our pizza date.  James let me snap a photo of him.  That doesn't happen very often...  I pretty much was in love with the combo of this outfit.  I picked up this skirt at goodwill a few weeks ago, and my friend Staci from A Ruby Rosebud came over and helped me turn it into a hi-lo skirt, from a long granny skirt.  I love it now!  I think the hi-lo style is my absolute favorite.  Im realizing how much I love layering my harvest moon top from Lune Vintage with florals or patterns with color.  Remember this outfit?  And anyone who has been following for a while knows how much I love this fringe vest from f21.  I layer it with so much!  The spark for this entire outfit through was these amazing boots from BCFootwear, (they are called snake eyes).  Someone commented on my instagram pic of them asking if they made these just for me!!  Ha, I think they did subconciously.  They are absolutely perfect boots.  Each pair they hand distress to give them a vintage worn feel.  I accessorized with this amazing antler necklace from Run With The Tribe, and a discontinued bracelet from Flourish Leather.

We had a really nice date that night at Fralo's pizza.  It was jam packed with people.  We stood to get a table for almost an hour!  But we enjoyed ourselves.  I think we have now gone to Fralo's for our anniversary for 4 our of 5 years... I think.  James is off for an entire week right now.  We are taking care of some things out at my dad's house, running errands, getting ready for company all weekend, and friday I'll be getting my tattoo sleeve finished!  Im so excited.  It's been paid for since my last session which was well over a year ago.  The week has filled up quick with to-do's, so I hope James feels like he actually gets a little break from work by the time its over...  

Here's to another beautiful fall day.  Loving this weather!

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  1. I love this outfit, I never met a fringed vest I didn't like! ;)

    I'm really commenting to say that I've been moved by your brave posts lately. Marriage is a nebulous, changing thing, and it really shows us ourselves in a different way. I've noticed, for me and my husband, we always have the most beautiful times when we don't try so hard. Like, as soon as it's major plans for a special occasion, feelings get hurt more easily, or we become less able to go with the flow. I guess the problem is in having inflexible expectations. And it's pretty natural that, once you've planned a big day, you want it to turn out the way you've imagined, but if it doesn't...well, you get it. So I'm on board with low-key birthday/anniversary celebrations. A cute outfit and pizza and beer is quite enough for me, thank you.

    And I'm stoked to see your sleeve. I've been dragging my feet with my next tattoo project, and am motivated by yours!

  2. Love the boots...you are just the cutest;)

  3. I really adore your style! You inspire me! I love the high low skirt that you transformed! so cool!

  4. You look absolutely stunning (as usual!) I love your outfit! You have the BEST (and I mean THE BEST) style!

  5. you look beautiful, congrats for the 5 years, and more to come :)

  6. You are the best at layering pieces and putting together amazing looks. Congratulations on 5 years!

    <3 Melissa

  7. Love those booties!
    That's cute that you guys go to the same place every year on your anniversary!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Hattitude Style Blog

    where are those shoes from?? they are the best!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  9. I heart everything ! Especially that BRACELET I like how it goes onto the hand abit..

  10. happy anniversary! love the boots!

  11. Evvverything about this outfit is so perfect - those shoes, the wrist cuff, the shirt - ahh!


  12. This is the vest I love of yours! The fringe is the best :) I went through your lookbook today to double check and this is the exact one I was eyeing up!


  13. Beautiful! I love everything about it! xxoo

  14. laura, your outfit is perfection on you. glad you had a nice pizza date, but an hour for a table? that is crazy busy! you're loving this weather? it's still 85-95 degrees in DFW. which means no pants or layers yet, for me. i guess that is break from the triple digits, though. ;)

  15. that fringe vest is my favorite. and the boots - so you. i figured they were blowfish from the pattern of the print! pretty post, happy anniversary, and yay tattoos! (i recently told my boyfriend they're all i want for christmas) xo


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