Some instagram snapshots from the past week or so.

1. my daily cup of coffee in my special mug from my friend Rain.
2. playing kissy face with my phone.
3. bella being silly on the picnic bench.
4. threads - blowfish sandals
5. giving my plant healing energy from being broken.
6. seashell and wood fossil
7. old thick seashell against a potted plant.
8. my moms old red buddha.
9. tom petty - wildflowers
10. my first cup of hot cocoa this season
11. reading in women who run with the wolves.
12. got my first pair of bcfootwear boots.
13. rearranged lots of plants.
14. my moms little jade buddha.
15. bella laying in the sacred space.
16. pretty old sea glass.
17. first sun ray in the morning.
18. bella laying on the picnic bench.
19. reading disfunkshion magazine (blowfish tennis)
20. my bed upon waking. 

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  1. so dreamy! and oh my goodness, I LOVE those boots!

  2. these are gorgeous! Life really is made up of those little moments...ps- You have the cutest kitty! You make me want to join get an iphone and join Instagram! (when my wackberry contract runs out) xo

  3. Always love the colors and shades in your insta photos :) Beautiful!

  4. I love your mug, it's so cool and rustic looking! I also love your lip ring, it's so cute and I want one. ;) Bella is presh and so are your Blowfish sandals. I've been eying those!

    Also, you collect Budai as well?! I think we have that exact same jade one. (I call them Budai, because Budai are - no offense, Budai - the little chubby jolly guys and Buddha is very, very thin. Now I feel all preachy! I just like to clear that up so I don't sound a fool.)

  5. i love how you make everysingle detail so special and dreamy


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