My babies like to play in the dirt.  And I think its pretty cute.  One day, Im sure my real babies will look just like this.
Speaking of playing in the dirt, James and I have been doing the same.  James mowed the lawn yesterday morning, and before I knew it, I came outside and he was digging in the ground by our steps.  He decided he wanted to put in a little stone area coming off our steps.  A good idea b/c it always gets muddy there.  Within 24 hours, it was a done deal.  We finished up this morning!  Its so cute!  It's so funny b/c both of the animals are afraid to walk on it.  It's still foreign to the them, ha ha.  They walk around it and jump over it.  It wont be long though before they are sprawled out laying on it.

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  1. my kiddos are always playing in the dirt ... they heard me over saying to someone that muddy children are happy children and so every time I ask why they'd go get so darn dirty they throw my words straight back at me and I can hardly argue with that! X

  2. LOVE THEM! We have two kitties (indoor). One of them (Norman) loves to roll in the cat litter when I change it. I'm pretty sure he'd be a dirt roller if he was an outdoor cat. LOL Love those little flea bags! xoxo

  3. Awe love your cute critters. my two year old says, "AW SEW CYUTE KEEKEE(KITTY) AND PUP"

  4. laura, your babies are beautiful! the end.

  5. My pit likes to play in the dirt. It's problematic though because "playing" seems to be synonymous with "escaping".

  6. How cute! Our kitten plays outside all day, he even climbs in his jungle gym tree. He will run up it, and get lost in it for hours! He was a wild feral cat we adopted. He loves being inside with us at night but during the day he goes on his cat adventures everywhere on the half acre we live on. He is precious!


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