The other day I received a love package from a sweet soul sister.  It was one of those unexpected packages that nearly brings you to tears, it was filled with so much love.  My heart was swollen thinking of the connection that I have with this dear friend, and missing her so much.  The pretties she sent were way to beautiful to not share.  They are all trinkets she found along her journey from Oregon, New Mexico, Scotland and the ocean. 

The beautiful vintage necklace below she found in Astoria Oregon.  I think its one of the most amazing vintage necklaces Ive ever laid eyes on, the way it opens up.  She put in pics of me and James and our sun signs.  So thoughtful and special.

This book below blew my mind with its beauty.  Written in 1971 in San Francisco, and beautiful illustrated with line drawings for each herb.  It has very interesting descriptions of the herbs histories, and what they were used for throughout the ages.  She got it for me after reading that I was going to be taking an apothecary class this next year.  It could not be more perfect, or feel more like home to me.  This is a book I will treasure for a lifetime, and pass down to my children.  Here is a peek at some of the loveliness inside...

One other thing she included in the package was one of her favorite poems she had written out.  The title of the poem 'river' is a special bond between us, from Joni Mitchell.  This poem is by Carol Ann Duffy, and its beautiful.  I hung it on my special wall that is next to my computer, where I can see it often.  Right under my mama.

by Carol Ann Duffy

Down by the river, under the trees, love waits for me
to walk from the journeying years of my time and arrive.
I part the leaves and they toss me a blessing of rain.

The river stirs and turns, consoling and fondling itself
with watery hands, its clear limbs parting and closing.
Grey as a secret, the heron bows its head on the bank.

I drop my past on the grass and open my arms, which ache
as though they held up this heavy sky, or had pressed
against the window glass all night as my eyes sieved the stars;

open my mouth, wordless at last, meeting love at last, dry
from travelling so long, shy of a prayer.  You step from the shade, 
and I feel love come to my arms and cover my mouth, feel

my soul swoop and ease itself into my skin, like a bird
threading a river.  Then I can look full in the face, see
who you are I have come this far to find, the love of my life.

I am following along Marissa's Grateful Project, and even though I have not been consistent with it, I would say this is a big one for me.  Im so grateful to have a handful of friends in my life that I have such a deep soulful connection with.  Although we dont see each other very often, the love is always there, and I am so grateful for it. 

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  1. So neat! That locket is the most awesome locket I've ever seen!! And that book--I can't even. Love this post. She seems like such a wonderful friend to have.

  2. Great stuff. It's so much fun to get a surprise package in the mail.

  3. Oh, these are breathtaking!! What an amazing soul sister you have <3 Loveeeee

  4. How lovely to have a friendship like that. Such beautiful items, especially that locket!

  5. This has inspired me to send my soul sister a care package!

    Amanda Rose

  6. I've been meaning to send my best friend a nice package for her. Just for the sake of it! Snail mail is one of my favourite things ever and I just LOVE it love it!


  7. Your posts always inspire me to share my own creativity and inner thoughts on my own website. These are such tender moments of love and joy, and to share them with friends and strangers brings us together in a way that enriches the human condition.

    Thank you, Laura.

  8. How sweet! You have the sweetest soul sister, so thoughtful! Love locket and the herbs books especially :)

  9. this is such a gift of life. holders of sacred friendships. thank you for sharing and reminding us ......

  10. Herbcraft makes me swoon. I might just have to hunt down a copy. It seems like a lovely browsing book, with many gorgeous pictures.

  11. That necklace is beyond belief. You certainly are blessed!


  12. What a beautiful friend you have.. the necklace is gorgeous.. I haven't seen one that opens up like that before!

  13. I'm in love with that locket! And, I think that photo of your ma is so warm and comforting. You look just like her <3


  14. Stunning! It is wonderful to have such thoughtful friends! xxoo

  15. Beautiful package! What a wonderfully thoughtful friend! :) I adore that book...I may have to search one out for myself. The illustrations are great!
    Have a wonderful day!

  16. Aww!! Great idea!! :) i am going to surprise couPle of girls ;)

  17. That book is so amazing. The heart image would make a great tattoo. What a great package to receive!


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