Hello July >>>

Hello July.  This is the month I marked on the calendar for some (hopefully) life changing goals.  Or if not so life changing, at least small habit changing.  For the year of my 30's, Im going to be choosing a new 30 day challenge each month.  The first one, my husband and I are doing together, a smoothie challenge.  This is a fun and easy one... Something to ease me into this whole challenge thing, which quite honestly, Ive never been good at.  Maybe I should come up with some sort of reward each month to keep my mind on the goal?  Im hoping that most of these challenges I put myself up to, continue to be a part of my daily life afterwards...  Ill be sharing my progress along the way too!

I am also going to do my first 365 photo challenge.  I haven't quite decided yet if I want it to all be self portraiture to allow myself to get creative in that department again, or just a photo a day... The photo above is my first one.  Day one I had company and had to do something quick, so its a rather simple simple photo, but I loved the colors in it.  So, well see where this leads me, and see if I can keep up with it!  Ill be gone almost all day today, so its going to be a challenge... Ill be posting them in my new flickr account as I go.  

Today, I am being treated like a princess from one of my girlfriends.  For my birthday, she is taking me to yoga class, then to get a massage, and then to sushi!  Ive been looking forward to today with so much excitement.  And after getting to see my Nanna, and some other very special family yesterday, its sizing up to be a good week already!


I cant say who, since it is not live yet, but when etsy's featured seller switches over at noon today, it will be a dear sweet new friend of mine... I am sooo wildly happy for her.  Please be sure to check out her shop and leave her lots of lovin' on her interview.  I cant wait to read it when I get home.  This girl is so deserving of this beautiful light shining on her.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a sponsor spot during this sale!  So excited to have all of you in my sacred space.  Today is the last day to get in on the sale, so check out my last post if you missed it.  Some of the spots are now on a waiting list, they are going fast!

A dear friend of mine is now helping me list some items in my etsy shop.  I am sooooo ever grateful for her.  So, thanks to her, there are some new pretties in Roots and Feathers!



  1. Sounds like 30 will be a magical year for you! I'm inspired by your 365 day challenge. I've often wanted to do one but haven't really known how/where to start.

  2. courtney, start today! i too always felt like i needed to wait until jan 1... but really, who cares, as long as its 365 days in a row?? do it :)

  3. sounds like you're off to a great start for the year :) i'm typing this as i enjoy my morning smoothie myself (banana, kale, beet & blueberry)! can't wait to see what kind of goodies you come up with

  4. I definitely admire your motivation to test your limits and do challenges each month like the one's you've mentioned. best of luck!

    Loved seeing Run With The Tribe as the featured seller on Etsy! Her shop is awesome and her studio looks like such an inspiring workspace!

  5. i just found your blog the other night and i love it so much! im starting a challenge this month too, no sugar during the week. it will be awesome to watch your progress and hopefully inspire me to do more! good luck!!


  6. Sounds like a great day! And good luck with your challenges :)

  7. The challenge sounds like a great idea, I love it!

    Christen :>

  8. oh, the 30 day challenges sounds amazing. that's so inspiring to me! can't wait to hear about your progress. xo!

  9. This is a beautiful post! You are forever young and forever inspiring.

    Ladaisi Blog
    Ladaisi Etsy

  10. I love the idea of having a new challenge every month! I look forward to hearing more about how they go :)

    xo Jennifer



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