The Girls >>>

Last night and today has just been us girls hanging out... eating lots of yummy food, chatting and just be-ing.  Soaking in our down time before we start our lookbook shooting.  Here are a few random photos from our time so far.  Isn't miss Penelope the cutest???  Leena helped me water all my plants this morning.  We watched Totoro.  And now she is making tons of art. 

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  1. I have real tears!! How lovely!!! My love to all of you. Xo.

  2. Oh my, what precious little girls! And that oatmeal looks pretty scrumptious too.
    Catherine Denton

  3. So cute!
    I spent yesterday with some pretty cute kids too.. it's so much fun :)

    xo Jennifer


  4. Too cute! Nothing like a day with the girls :)

  5. Le(e)na is a pretty cool name... :P Such wonderful children - I am looking forward to being a Mom in a few years already and reading about or seeing adorable kids always gets me all teary eyed <3 Thank you for sharing the love!

  6. So sweet, looks like your all having a lovely time together.

    Zoe x


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