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Just a few instagram pics from this past week.  The first one of the maiden braid is the only pic I took of my hair when I bleached it the other day.  The contrast was so pretty!  (Im still crying just a little bit over that one)...  And the rest are pics from last weekend when we went to our friends house.  These two boys below are my rocks.  One my love, and one is one of my best friends.  And when they are together, there are so many priceless moments that are created.  We all tried on tons of hats and sunglasses that night, it was silly.

Speaking of friends... my friend Katelyn is going to be coming back to Texas to spend a week with me at the end of this month!  Im super excited!  I get to meet her new little one for the first time.  AND she is going to photograph the next Bohemian Collective lookbook!!!!  This will be the very first time Ive ever worked with someone else on a creative project like this.  Im very excited, and very nervous about being in front of the camera with someone else around.  And then in September, my friend Christie is coming home!!  She moved to Cali, and Texas longs for her everyday.   She just became my newest sponsor, go check out her blog, ChristeeGee.  She interviews super awesome bands and artists!

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  1. ahhh! that lookbook is going to be amazing! i have a feeling katelyn will put you at ease and you will have the MOST fun! i wish i could be there. <3 i will in spirit!!!

    1. i think your right rain!!! you know, you could always come out if you got the chance!!!!!!! i have a couch ;)

    2. soul sigh..... <3

  2. Lovely photos! I like the colour effects. I love those Instagram posts and I've recently bought a Samsung, meaning I've got an Instagram too, SO over the moon! xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  3. I can't wait to see the awesome new lookbook. I'm sure it will be nothing short of amazing.
    xo bhrett

  4. happy for you, that sounds awesome about the lookbook gig with Katelyn! cant wait to see your hair btw :)

  5. so cute blog ! nice photos !

    all the best Katarzyna ( a new follower)


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