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Hello dear souls! I am Marissa over at Moondaughter, and the lovely Laura has asked me to talk about the New Moon today! I am so honored to be here!

Today is the actual New Moon, so happy New Moon to everyone!

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Before I started following the moon, I used to think the new moon was at the end of the Lunar cycle (since you couldn't really see it anymore, it marks the end, or so I thought).  It is actually the beginning.  This totally shifted my perspective of this phase, and made more sense to me!  The new moon is a rebirth; a reawakening of the lunar energy.  So do take note of how you feel during this week.  The energy shift can be jarring to some people, inspirational to others, even stagnant to some; everyone is unique and different, so ask yourself how it affects you!  I personally, get antsy!  I want to do everything all at once, so I know I need to slow down during this phase and make a to-do list!
Dana Gerhardt's Mooncircles is a wonderful resource all about Luna!! Dana encourages her readers to embrace the moon energies in an ordinary way, and I totally agree! If you make following the moon apart of your day-to-day life, it becomes uniquely yours and special. Just beautiful!

Here are some simple ways to embrace the New Moon energy each month:
  • Make a to-do list for the next month of everything you want to accomplish, big or small. Make it pretty and fun!
  • Start a new book!
  • Create something. Birthing a new project, or creating a new work of art will feel so rewarding to your soul. (And a lot of ventures that take place during the new moon come to fruition!)
  • Dana goes on a "walkabout" every new moon week. Walk or drive somewhere with no destination in mind, just embracing the spontaneity and adventure of the new moon! So awesome! I will have to try it sometime!
  • Replace your loofa or body sponge in the shower and start the new lunar month fresh!
  • In yoga, just as there is a Sun Salutation, there is also a Moon Salutation. Moon Salutations are a little more restorative and gentle. This is great for the New and Full Moon. There are many variations so try them all out!
  • Keep a Moon Journal. Each week write about your energy, emotions, spirit, and take note of the moon phase. If you are consistent enough, you will notice a pattern connected to the moon, and you will know yourself a little bit better in the process :)

I really hope these simple ideas can help you on your unique journeys!  As you follow your own moon journey, you can create your own and make them more personal to you!  On my website I offer a Moon phase poster, go here to download it!

Thank you so much Laura for sharing your space with me. And thank you so much for reading!

Love and Blessings,
Marissa Moondaughter


  1. This is so helpful. I have hormonal conditions which prevent me from cycling and I always feel a little out of sync because I don't know where I am in the lunar phase. But these suggestions are excellent! I am going to start moon journaling. Thank you!!

  2. Man I have been spiny all day! Now I feel like this is why!

  3. The past few days for me can only be described as completely manic, and especially disoriented, and i couldnt figure out why. I'm really looking forward to making a pretty to-do list worthy of looking at all month. THANK YOU, i needed this so badly!

  4. Wow, talk about encountering the right thing at the right time. I'm coming up on a year of living in a big city for the first time and I'm feeling bummed out about not being able to see the stars, and just feeling so disconnected from nature--it's all concrete and car exhaust. A moon journal sounds like just what I need. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. I am so glad this can help you lovely ladies! Following the moon can make a huge difference to our well-being!

  6. There's a lot of anticipation in the air for me with this new moon. Sometimes I feel very tired at the new moon, which I guess I did in the couple of days leading up to it. But today I'm all kinds of inspired to get moving on a few new projects. Hooray for new moons!

  7. oh my gosh! i love this post! thank you for this! i have always loved the moon and even went so far as to get a tattoo of one on my wrist (a waxing crescent) to remind myself of the great connections we have with things much, much bigger than ourselves. i'm so excited to know all of this new information in relation to the moon and love learning new things about it. i went for a drive today with no direction in mind and perhaps this was why...i felt myself being pulled in unknown directions and felt inspired by the dewey, warm air as i drove with my windows down...this all makes so much sense! thanks again to you both (marissa and laura) for this post. xo

  8. I loved this post! I am going through the most physical part of my own cycle this week and have been up and down more than usual. This month especially I have been working through some emotions that I put off dealing with.

    This was such a lovely reminder of the moon and her cycles and her pull on us. I have gotten out of the habit of following her path and love the idea of keeping a moon journal! How inspiring!

  9. Thank you for this post. It's so important to remember our connection to nature and embrace our symbiosis. This might explain my creative surge these past few days! I also love the moon journal idea! Blessings~

  10. This is a wonderful post on the Luna.....Thanks for sharing it...This will definitely be something I will look into more... :)

  11. Yay! This is awesome. Thanks ladies...


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