A mini risk challenge...

Yesterday we had to wake up early to go to the city to take James car in for a recall, go visit his brother at the hospital & go grocery shopping. I surprised myself by getting ready early enough to look decent AND actually snap some pics before walking out the door. All before 8:30 is a BIG deal for me. This outfit was the comfiest casual outfit. I enjoyed wearing it all day long.  Lately Ive been trying to take mini risks in outfits - things I love but dont normally wear - like this hat for instance.  I love love love hats, but everytime I have worn one I always take it off before I leave.  It just always feels funny.  But once I allowed myself to get over it, I LOVE it!!!  And another one is the color of my shirt.  As silly as that is, I have certain colors that I tend to stick to.  Do you do that?  And green is not one of them, well this shade at least.  I normally go for retro greens like olive and avacodo... But Im so glad I took another mini risk b/c I love this color on me.  (Im hoping I feel the same way with Red Velvet's dress when it arrives, blue is another color not on my normal list).  I encourage you to take this little challenge with me, even in the tiniest of ways.  Its amazing how it can change your perspective.

*I have a super easy DIY coming soon to make this bangle above*

Im sure you noticed the uh-mazing necklace Im wearing above!!!  I recently did a lovely trade with my sponsor Blessed Bee Apothecary and I could not be any happier!  She was sweet enough to even send along another necklace just because!  I adore them both so much, so completely up my alley!  She has a lovely shop, go check her out!

Time to go obsessively clean my house & start re-vamping my studio to make it more organized and creative in there for an exciting upcoming project!!!  Im over the moon!



  1. You are so beautiful!
    I can relate so much to your post it's hilarious!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. This summer I too have tried to step beyond my comfort zone. In the past I had a big thing about hiding my legs as I found them to be less then pretty. But I was sick of this way of thinking so challenged myself to wear a skirt or dress at least three times a week. I began to start loving skirts and soon found myself wearing them almost every day of the week.

    I can't imagine life without dresses in the summer!

    I'm proud of myself. It's so good to step outside of our comfort zones.

    And I love your necklace!

  3. Said it Monday and I'll say it again, "nice hat!" hehe, it looks great on you. So does the shirt, actually :)

  4. That shade if green flatters you to no end! Good choice! And loving the fringe necklace AND mocassins! I have been OBSESSED with fringe lately...

  5. I saw the outfit you are wearing before I read your text and I would never have guessed you were "nervous" wearing those pieces. The hat and shirt are great on you. I love that color green, its one of my favorites...however I dont even own a piece of clothing that color/teal. Also, I love that it's a heather color and like sweatshirty. {i just found your blog and am excited for it!}

  6. you need to wear that color EVERYDAY!:)
    youre a dollface!

  7. I love your outfit, you look so pretty. And emerald definitely looks good on you.

    P.S. I love the little changes on your blog (:

  8. you always look so cute in the outfits you put together. you have such great style.

    i also own a few hats, but rarely wear them. i have the same issue with feeling weird once i go out. its good to push yourself out of your comfort zone, though. i've been working on trying to be more stylish, so i think i'll start wearing my hats again this fall.

  9. it looks great! i always stick to the same colours... red, green and black mainly, i feel ridiculous in anything beige or pastels....
    oo also, thanks to an earlier post of yours, i just got my awesome headscarf (in a pale orange) from o bella and i love it.x

  10. taking those risks totally worked in your favor. what a great outfit & that green looks good on you.


  11. pwetty pweety!! im loving the lip ring...painful? im tempting to get a monroe piercing despite iv already got septum piercing and nosering which it ll probably look a bit too much. xox

  12. Hey Laura!
    It's my first time on your blog, and I just wanted to say how great I think it is! I love your style :D I'll be a regular reader from now on!

  13. I'm not too big on green either (certain shades). I love this color though & it looks great on you.

  14. you look so pretty! that color is really becoming on you! :)

  15. this outfit is so gorgeous. i love the colour of that sweater. you are so so so pretty miss.

  16. What a beautiful color on you! Gld you branched out :)

  17. You look stunning! i love this outfit so much. I wish i could wear hats but they just dont seem to suit me.
    I so think Emrald should be worn more its gorgeous on you.

    Zoe x

    PS. im beyond happy you love the necklaces :)

  18. that hat is stunning on you! i always promise myself that i will actually *wear* the amazing items i fall in love with at the store and purchase but when i get them home i only admire them and leave the house in the same old. fall is a great beginning to challenge myself to be braver.



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