A day with my nanna...

A few days ago my Nanna & her beau & his daughter came over for a visit. I always love when they come up, its like a special treat. We sat around and talked and then went to James parents restaurant to eat lunch. I played the jukebox for Jame's daddy and we all had a beer (except James, he doesnt drink). James and I both ate grilled cheese with french fries and homeade gravy!!! Yum!! I told Jame's mom she could burn it a little b/c my mom always burnt them. She did one side burned and one side not, and later told me it was from both of my mommas!! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. And I wore my super cute shirt gifted to me from Leah of Sookie Says, along with my necklace from Katelyn of Scrufmeisterk. I think they look precious together. And I paired two of my glass flower rings from my Violet Bella shop together and I love how they look that way. 

<<< outfit details >>>
crochet tee: Sookie Says
Felt Feather necklace: Scrufmeisterk
teal jeans: Forever 21
beaded sandals: gifted from my bestie!
flower rings: Violet Bella

I think my nanna is soooo beautiful.  She is one of my very best friends, and biggest joys in this world.  She has taken over the momma role since my mom has been gone.  She is a very good listener, says the funniest things, is so gentle and loving, an excellent gardener, pretty much the best grandmother I ever could have been blessed with.  And her ears turn red when she is mad or embarrassed so she cant hide it! 

Just to clarify on my sneak peek post of my new jewelry studio space.  There are better pictures coming later, it was suppose to be just tid bits... I didnt want to post pics that you could really see everything in until I get the real photos done.  And Im pretty much done with the room as of this morning.  It looks amazing.  When I get time I will photograph everything and post on the blog.



  1. Your nanna is gorgeous! I love her demeanor...even from that photo :) perfect :)

    My dad's mom is a bit more hip to the now, while my mom's mom is a bit more prim & proper. I think I get my daintiness from her & my sassy-ness from the other!

    Sure looks like you had a wonderful time! Nannas are the best :)

  2. Awww your nanna sounds like such a sweetheart :) It sounds to me you had a wonderful day out

  3. You are so damn pretty it's ridiculous! lol, sounds like you had a fun time with everyone, your nana is so pretty!

    In our sea of love

  4. I'm so glad you had time with your sweet Nanna! She sounds amazing. Love the shirt and your beautiful rings paired together.
    My Blog

  5. this looks like such a nice afternoon! your outfit and hair look so cute, and your nanna looks like such a sweet lady :)

  6. Eeeep, Lady!!! I'm totally addicted to your blog!!!! You look gorgeous on these photos, your style is so unique, adorable. Your mother seems amazing, I'm happy that you have such a good connection. My mom and I are like the Gilmore Girls, lol. It's hard for anyone to catch up.

  7. Your hair looks darling like that. It sounds like you had a nice day with your Nana and family. And you're right her burning one side of the grilled cheese and saying it's from both your mamas is the sweetest thing ever.

  8. laura you look beautiful!

    hooray for nanas. her photograph reminds me of this sassy sweet character flo from an old tv sitcom called alice.


  9. Isn't your Nana just a classy lassy? You both are gorgeous!

  10. Hi Laura,

    You look adorable and beautiful. As always. Pink looks lovely on you. What a lovely day you had with your nana. What a sweet lady James' mother is!

    Take care!

  11. Aw these photos are lovely - your nana and you both have such elegance in them!

  12. what a great 'nana visit' outfit. those rings are too sweet. you nana looks like a lovely lady.

  13. You are the most gorgeous thing ever- and it's easy to see it's in your genes! Your nanna is as lovely as can be. It's so funny you mentioned that her ears burn red when she's mad or embarrassed- Mine do that too! I thought I was the only one, so reading that made me laugh out loud.

    So cute to read. Thanks for sharing!


  14. Laura, you look so lovely in the photos and I am loving your Nanna's hair! And you look so alike!

  15. Laura, you look so adorable in your photographs. Clearly it's in the genes!

  16. such pretty photos :) you glow


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