Girl Hour...

Highlight of my week... hearing my bestie play guitar for me!  She just started learning two weeks ago and Im so proud of her.  She already played the mandolin, but wanted to pick up acoustic guitar too.  Im loving it.  I spent a few hours with her the other evening and we just talked and drank wine.  It was just what I needed.  And this morning I went to the annual parade in our little cowboy town with her family.  It was HOT.  insanely hot.  Like sitting there with sweat dripping down our faces and backs.  So. Ready. For. Fall. 

We keep getting teased with clouds that look like they are going to bare some rain... TEASED!  Our mother earth needs it so bad here.  Our poor trees and animals are dying because of this heat and drought. I hope everyone enjoys their labor day weekend and finds ways to stay cool!  



  1. ah, the guitar...such a lovely sound. i should pick up mine again one day.
    i'm ready for fall too. the only problem is that, up here in PA, fall is like, two months long and then it snows. bleh.

  2. What a lovely post...how wonderful to have such great friends!

  3. I've pined for playing the guitar so I'm impressed with your bestie. The weather man is saying our high this week will be 80 with lows in the 60's. SIXIES!!! I'm so happy. Sweatshirt weather, here we come.

  4. LOVE girl time & guitars! Sounds like such a lovely day.


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