Tons of new goodies at Violet Bella

So, now pics of the craft room just yet, tomorrow!

But heres more goodies I added to the shop today!

I went postal, ha ha!
{post crazy on etsy}

I made a new shirt today also! I think it turned out adorable. See it in the shop for full details and more pics.

Pretty much what you see here was my day :)

Still awaiting my package from the post office in order to complete my Ruche order!
Hopefully it will come tomorrow!!!



  1. I just added your new owl earrings to my favorites. The colors and design are perfect. Going "postal" on Etsy is always a good thing! :)

  2. Oh my, I guess I am going to have to update my Etsy wishlist! These are beautiful!

  3. omg! winged hearts!! those 2 pieces are my favorites so far!! :D will go check your shop, top is soo lovely!

  4. Looooove all these new goodies!!! So much! The colored owl earrings and the necklaces and I looove hearts with wings. Be still my heart. I wish I could buy, buy, buy!!!! hehe


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