Adorable New Upcycled Shirts!!!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Its been a productive two days in my world. Yesterday I spent all day sewing. I had some custom orders to work on which sparked my sewing creativity and I busted out 3 new shirts, well some today too. And today was mostly spent uploading and doing taxes and other various internet jobs. So all in all, Ive gotten alot done!

Just a cute pic of my and the most handsome boy in the world :)

This is my newest teddy tee, it was a custom order in a size large, so you can see how it is so cute in all sizes! She sent me the shirt and I made it adorable! I told her she can name it!
Here are my new babies that are in the shop!

First I screen printed the bird on this green shirt last week, and I thought it just needed more, so I dolled it up a bit.
Um, can you see my new obsession, collars! I want them on all of my clothes now! It is just so cute!
This one is so fun and playful :)
This is one I did a few weeks ago, but I re-photographed it today out of my kitchen lighting!
I have my sewing bug back, it comes and goes. All of the art I create is like that. One week I feel like making jewelry, the next I want to sew, and then sometimes I get the urge to make REAL art and not craft. Sometimes I just want to take photos all day. I LOVE my job!

Oh, and the amazing girl from Poor Pitiful Pearl has asked me to do her family portraits and I am so excited! She has the cutest little family, especially now with little Italia! What fun it will be. See one of my last posts to see pics of me in one of her shirts.

Check out her shop here:

much love and joy to everyone this evening. I am off to get back to work! I just cant stop working when Im this excited!



  1. I want that pink tank and the green long sleeve so bad. You have a way with clothing. :)

  2. thanks love! you should send me a tank and let me revamp it!

  3. cute stuff... i want a teddy bear shirt.. & a head band... my VB list... & thanks so much for the shout out for PPP. we cant wait for our photo shoot... ive been thinking about it all day long.... dreamin....

  4. awww! ill make you a teddy shirt! and i have other headbands to choose from, just need to finish them up! thanks!!!

  5. i just LOVE all of the new clothes. i am going to bring you those doilies and some stuff that i just want you to have fun with for my CURVY figure. ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff. always have always will. *mwah*

  6. That first one is awesomesauce. Hope you're having a great weekend :)

  7. oh my!! everything looks soo beautiful and unique!! personally covet the pink tank! :3


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