Cameo and Locket Love

And the posting commences...

Here are my new favorites, the locket necklace is the one I was saying is my new all time favorite! The little cameo is just so precious. These are close up images, but the cameo is only 8mm wide! So cute!

This bow brooch is a one of a kind, it is a vintage bow and I only have one!
See them in the shop here:

Along with a ton of new stuff, which I am still working on uploading, so check back later too!

Listening to: Coralie Clement, one of my french favorites...



  1. i am in love with that brooch. hmmm. must go and take a closer look. :) lovely new items!

  2. I've just searched through your shop and love all of your new stuff! happy to see all of the stuff you've been creating lately!

  3. cute!!! i think i'm going to have to fight Renea for the brooch hehe

  4. 'none' it me, alyssa...haven't figured out blogging too well yet!


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