My Craft Room & Style Feature

Are you ready for a million and one photos???

So, I told you guys like a week ago that I would shoot my craft room, and I finally did!

First though, a STYLE FEATURE: casual.

{I have two before this one, but this one seemed more appropriate to this week, b/c I have been quite casual :)

Simple skinny jeans, Angels and Airwaves band shirt with a collar shirt underneath, green converse, and my favorite hair pin made by Missy Sue. And sporting my new glasses!

If you have not laid your taste buds on this, do it now! Amazing!!!
So for today...Bella helped me get together my wholesale order for Ruche! Below you will see what I am about to send off to be a part of Ruche.com, I almost cant believe it! I am so excited and I hope they do well for them!!! I will let you guys know as soon as I do when they are actually on the site!

And now for the crazy craft room! Just so you know, I have a lot of stuff in this room. If I had my dream studio, it would not be this cluttered! But I have to make it work somehow!

This is the big desk we just moved in last week, thanks dad!
I made that Violet Bella sign when I had my jewelry up at my old restaurant, then I used it as my banner when I did art shows, now its just decoration!

And of course, Bella had to come see what I was doing and sneak in the shot!
Sorry for the horrible lighting! I used this shoe organizer for my yarns and felt.

And theres my Hello Kitty stereo that is desperately trying to die on me.
Oh so blurry, sorry. My friend gave me the tall wire organizer thing, it was a huge blessing! I was able to put so much fabric in it! It stores most of my fat quarters and my vintage embroidered linens. And on top of it sits half of my mailers. The rest are in a huge box under the desk! The random boxes on the floor need out of there, but I dont know where to put them!
More and more fabric storage! It is piled to the ceiling!
Books, magazines and frames! And on top is a drawing I did of my mom in high school :)
Random pretties, and vintage doilies

my mom's pin cushions and her large yarn ball. and her vintage blue box. My aunt (her sister) gave me those awesome handmade granny stars!
He he, Bella again!
And theres the chair I recovered today!
Now this is where I am sitting right now, and most every morning! This is my office. It is suppose to be our dining room! Sorry, it was a bit messy today.
My inspiration board over head!

{And I am not even going to show you where I make the jewelry! It looks like a bomb went off! It is an eight foot fold up table behind our couch, in a corner, squished between a wall. I have just enough room to slither back and there and fit in a chair. It is so cluttered, but I just dont have anymore room in my house! I need a real studio!!!
Here is the chair I re-purposed today. It has been needing this for a long time! I just spray painted the wood black and cover the top with some cool vintage fabric. I love it now!
So there you go!

Oh and again, I cannot even believe, I already have 37 votes on The Lovelies! THANK YOU!!!! And theres 3 more days for my giveaway. See my posts believe to see about both of these things!



  1. your craft room is sooooo cute! I love that hanging thing you put your yarn in, I might have to steal that idea :) ..and that white armoir, so jealous!

  2. i got the hangy thing at target! and that white chest was my parents old old china cabinet, and i hate it, ha ha! one day i will re-finish it!

  3. oooh! your studio is so cute and your kitty cat looks so fluffy and cuddley!

    xo. james.

  4. Love the inspiration board. It has inspired me to aspire to have an inspiration board! :)

  5. Love this post. So much fun stuff!

  6. LOVE the revamped craft space. i know what you started with and that's amazing! i am so envious...but i will have mine soon. ;) i will tell you more about it later. and that bench...wowza! i love the makeover. love you girlie! you are such a big inspiration to me.

  7. I wish I could come over and play in there!!!! So much fun stuff!!!! I love how you have it set up!!! I definitely need to use your idea for yarn storage! Congrats, congrats on Ruche!!! That's just so awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!! You totally deserve it all, girl!!!

  8. This is lovely :]
    And you have such a cute cat!

  9. I've always wanted a glass armoire for my fabric and craft stuff. Send it to me!! lol j/k
    I have that green storage bin you have in blue, I have those white storage drawers you have, also that wicker basket with the cloth lining, aaaaaand I have that hello kitty radio! ...and my totally pooped out on me soon after I bought it lol. weeeirddd.

  10. Violet Bella...you are so creative and fun...LUV IT!! I am inspired to re vamp my craft room. Great Idea.TY!

  11. Love the craft room, my space is a table in my dining room at the moment! You kitty looks just like my kitty, his name is Steve! Love it all!! And you are just too beautiful!!

  12. love your cozy studio... reminds me so much of my old shop... Ill have to upload this video I have of my old shop.... so funny... i can relate to so much of the stuff in your place.... feels like home to me.
    our husbands are so great huh? they let us take over massive amounts of space with our " stuff" ...

    I want to enter your give away too... but i havent had a second to sit and read the directions yet... on my list to do.

  13. I am in love with your craft room. you have such a beautiful style! Aren't cats so funny? My little one sits beside me the entire time I am crafting...especially is yarn is involved!

    I would love to see a tour of your home sometime!

  14. i think its ok for a craft room to be messy. most artists are messy and craetive and crazy! love your new desk and organization. my clean room usually lasts a few hours! bc i get so excited and i create a million things all over the place.
    happy thurs!

  15. So this is where the magic happens!! its so pretty and cozy, my favorite piece is the Violet Bella pink sign <3 and the chair is really pretty too!

  16. Wow, your craft room has tons of stuff! I need a room to house all my goods. Mine are just all over the place!

  17. Oh my GOSH. Your rooms are so CUTE!!!

  18. it's great to see your studio...i struggle with trying to organize everything in a tiny space and not make it look cluttered. but yours looks really cute!

  19. your craft room is so cool! It makes mine look tiny. When we buy our own house I want to completely design and decorate my sewing room.

  20. Your studio looks awesome, even though you've got lots of stuff, it looks really organized!! I saw the stool in the first picture and liked it, nice job on the revamping! Good idea with the yarn, my yarn stash is out of control right now because I don't have a proper place to store it, something like that is a great idea. That cracks me up that your dining room is your office, I've turned part of our bedroom into my space, (I would've used the dining room but we don't have one!) Love all of your pictures :)

  21. i love your outfit. it's too cute, and that chair at the end is awesome!


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