7 oddities of being me

So, Ive been MIA lately on here...

Each day Ive been too busy to even blog, at least it feels that way. I dont even really have anything exciting to say.

I got some new supplies in the mail today that I am super excited about, so you will be seeing some new pretties really soon! Hopefully some by tomorrow.

I am introducing my new favorite, a miniature cameo locket, with a matching ring! It is so unbelievably cute, at least I think so!

{a random self portrait I recently edited}

I am about to start working on the second half of the photoshoot with Bird. You can see some of them in my latest posts. I cant wait until our next shoot, big plans!

I feel kind of lost and drained, a bit out of steam. I need a day to relax with a massage or something. Ahhh, that would be nice!

We just went and spent a few hours with James parents, much needed family time, I just love them. I have the sweetest parent in laws ever!

We are now home, James is playing video games, so I decided to blog real quick to let you know Im still alive!


I was recently tagged for the 7 things you dont know about me...

1. I see the number 222 everywhere, its almost creepy. And now I just see numbers in threes, like 333 or 444, always, everyday!

2. The birdies tattoos on my back are a cover up of a matching tattoo I got with my boyfriend when I was 18 when we thought we were going to get married.

3. I like to eat a piece of chocolate after every meal.

4. I let my kitty share water out of my cup.

5. I daydream about owning a store one day. The perfect store would consist of my Violet Bella jewelry, photography, art and clothing, along with vintage clothing and house wares, books, vinyls, select other artists, coffee shop and small pastries, with local indie bands playing on the weekends.

6. I have semi social anxieties, I have aquired it only recently, but I dont even like to answer my door anymore.

7. I believe in astrology.

I think those are 7 things that none of you would know about me!

I think I am suppose to tag other people, but I dont like doing that, so Im not :)

Ciao for now darlings.



  1. I hate answering my door too!! Loved learning these new facts about you! I hope all is lovely. xo

  2. great list of unknown things about u! it's very interesting and i believe that weird number thing that happens to you is more than a coincidence! i think i will do this same list on my blog today too :)

  3. what a fun list! i kept looking at watches at 11:11, 09:09, 22:22 etc all the time for years but i think i've lost that now, or i'm not paying attention to it anymore. :)

  4. Wow...your store sounds perfect! i would so visit, and would probably not leave. I can't wait to see the locket necklace and ring. I get paid this Friday and I am itching to get another piece from your collection!
    **I too believe in astrology!!

  5. Um, please open a store like that. It sounds perfect.

    I have a weird thing about having to make things symmetrical, like even numbers, even sides. Kind of similar to your number thing.

  6. well those are lovely facts indeed, i love how you let kitty drink out of your cup, i do that too :3 and i share the creepy number thingy, day or night, whenever i check the time and it will always be on 10:01

    by the way laura, i love how you edited that photo, may i ask how you added the glittering effect? it looks like wonderful glittery sun rays. I have tried to look it over the net but I couldnt put it to words right. :3

  7. Hello
    Just found your blog as I was browsing...
    Love your collection.What caught my eye to make a comment was that you see the number 222 every were...so do I!Even in the middle of the night I will look at the clock and it says 2:22,it is kinda freaky isnt it!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!