My Day in Pictures

The day before the last day of James being off. He has had like 5 days in a row off and Ive been loving it! Our friends were down and visiting for most of it, but today and tomorrow we have to ourselves.

Today we took a drive to Lakehills to visit his parents. Something we wanted to do while he was off. We ate some lunch while we were there and then tracked around in the creek where he grew up. We love doing this. I found out that I am a horrible rock skipper, he tried giving me lessons and I failed miserably. This is something I should know how to do! I mean come on, I am a country girl!!!

James was in his old bedroom looking through old stuff, and I went outside and made him look out the window! I have always loved this window. It is a huge old iron window pane, the kind that cranks. He used to have a big sleeping back tacked to the wall to cover the window when we were in high school. I remember coming to visit him when we were friends, and not wanting to leave his bedroom. Oh, and the orange bracelet on his wrist has been there for like 8 years!
He found his old Garbage Pail kids collection! He has so many of them, they fill up a 'Chipmunks' lunchbox :)
I wore my new Poor Pitiful Pearl Oxy today! I love it so much! And I broke out one of my mom's Broken China Jewelry necklaces, it is one of my favorites, it's a Botecelli painting we found on china!
down by the creek...
wearing my mom's sandals...
um, yeah, thats a stick in my mouth :)
my favorite grasses ever! {i am obsessed with dead grass}
and I wore pigtails today. still havent dyed my hair yet, been a little lazy about it, but soon!
love this brick wall :)
Also added some newbies to the shop, go check them out:

And I finally made it into a treasury and named it BOHEMIAN BUTTERFLY:



  1. oh how i love your hair in pigtails. you are so adorable and so is james in those lovely glasses.
    i just love the pictures and it sounded like a good day. was a great day to be outside with the sun shining for a bit. :D enjoy the rest of your week. miss you!

  2. Such incredibly gorgeous pics!!! Love them all!!! Your pigtails are supercute! I can't wait til my hair gets long enough to go into some tails! Tell James that I used to love garbage pail kids too. My mom hated them. haha!

  3. I love all the pictures! and i use to have so many garbage pail kids cards I loved them so much!

    I am a country girl too and can't skip a rock to save my life :)


  4. What a fun day! I love that shot of James in the window and the ones of you guys in the grass....and well just all of them. haha Thanks for sharing!
    -Katelyn Demidow

    P.S. This is my new blog name. What'dya think? ;)

  5. Beautiful moments and beautiful photography to match. Subjects are easy on the eyes, as well.

    Always a pleasure. :-)

  6. oh that sounds so wonderful, im glad you guys had fun, you look lovely in pigtails! my favorite is the 8th and 9th photo, you look absolutely gorgeous and together, you look so so made for each other :D

  7. You have really great photos on your blog and I love the iPod application!

  8. I love the window picture and the sandals picture best. You're so creative!
    PS love the pigtails, that gives me a crazy idea- What if I had all my fav bloggers send me a pic of them in pigtails and made a collage? *giggle*

  9. These pictures are beautiful, it looks like you guys had a wonderful day. Really cool picture of James at the window. Love your shirt from PPP, I can't wait to order one from her! Really love the focus of the grass pictures, very neat.

    I took pictures of the calendar and print I got recently from you, thanks for them, I love them!

  10. Beautiful phots Laura! Looks like you guys really had a great day together. You look so adorable in your pony tails!

  11. I am in love ***** please please please with sugar on top... can i use one of those pics on my blog.. i will give heaps of credit to your blog and etsy shop for it... ofcourse.... girl..... I just get frustrated looking at your pics... if only i could capture a moment the way you do.

    love **** S

    P.s. love love love my converse necklace and sailor earrings... cant wait to give them to my friend this weekend... pics to follow on my blog on them...

  12. that top looks gorgeous on you! I was looking at the poor pitiful pearl shop a while ago and really loved these tops. I want one so bad!

  13. You guys are the hottest couple ever. Pigtails=SO CUTE.
    I love dead grass too! I put dead grass in a vase for the table.
    Looks like a very wonderful day.

  14. love the pictures! the caption and the pic of you with the stick in your mouth cracked me up! you're too cute.
    i will def let you know if i need any help with the soldering...i didn't realize you had so much experience!

  15. aaww you had a very pretty day!!! wish my boyfriend would let me take pictures of him. love your pretty overexposed pictures. i love the one with the dead grass too. soo pretty!!


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