Texas is the Reason

Yay! My super rad friend Christie is coming home for a visit! She is already in Austin and I should see her in my little part of the world tomorrow morning! I cant wait. She is so cute, she talks ninety miles an hour, and always has an upbeat silly personality. She is vegetarian, addicted to tattoos, has the heart of jesus, and is just all around wonderful.

Funny thing, we went to school together our entire life, from kindergarden through 12th grade and were never friends, we even had classes together in high school! She was friends with my ex boyfriend, and then friends with James, my husband. And through them, we have become friends! Although we dont see each other at all since she moved to California. If I had it my way, she would live in Austin and then come home once a week and be my Violet Bella model! Woo Hoo, that would be a dream come true!

Here are some of my favorite photos I have taken of her. I have like a million, so these are just a few! The camera loves her! And I love to take her photo!

{usually her hair is a different color, just about every week, but most of these were from the same shoot}

Love her!



  1. You are so talented. I am oozing with envy of your photography skills. And your blog evolution, very pretty. *sigh* I want to hire you to do mine. I hate it. blah.

  2. i love her tattoos! i love the picture where she's wearing blue!

  3. beautiful tattoos, beautiful hair, beautiful photos! wow

  4. your bestie and your photos are gorgeous :)

  5. i love the tires in the back... awesome.
    I love your friend... she is so adorable.


  6. isnt she just gorgeous!! you guys are like sisters!! and i lold at she talks at 90 miles per hour! :P

  7. aWW YAY!! I'm so glad you get to spend time with your friend! She's beautiful and from what you make her sound she seems like alot of fun to be around!!
    I'm glad you're getting that ray of sunshine over your way!

    Love these photos! and I love her nose and eye ring!!!

  8. She is beautiful and I love love her record player tattoo!!


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