Okay friends, its time for Violet Bella's SPRING GIVEAWAY! Ive been anticipating this for a while, and now that spring is almost here, I think its time to get inspired! And also, I am about to reach my 200th etsy sale, so this is a celebration of sorts!

Before we get to the goodies, here is a list of different ways you can earn points:

{please leave only one comment with all of your answers, and just leave a total point amount at the bottom of your comment! And please leave your email address}

1 point: follow my blog

1 point: re blog this giveaway

1 point: tweet this giveaway

1 point: tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop

1 point: tell me your favorite item from my photography shop

1 point: tell me your favorite childhood memory

1 point: tell me something nice you have recently done for someone

1 point: vote for me on The Lovlies (only 3 days left)

10 points: buy something from my shop during this giveaway period

Whoa, so many ways to enter!

Now, for the goodies :)

This 12 x 12 print, it does have the "violet bella" in the right hand bottom corner.
These pearl earrings because they have been my number one best seller!
This photo pendant with one of my images on it.
Your choice of one of the necklaces.
And a mini nutella (my favorite thing in the world) and a Sid pez dispenser!

This adorable feather headband that a friend of mine made.
Plus a few extra mystery goodies!

That is over $100 worth of Violet Bella sweetness!!!

You have until February 21st to enter.

Good luck and have fun!



  1. Of course I follow your beautiful blog!

  2. You know that I love the little owl necklace with the red bead!

  3. I love the Dorothy Print in your photography shop!

  4. Childhood memory...I guess when we used to all go out to my grandma and grandpa's house for dinner every Sunday, it would be my whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins everyone. Now I hardly see or talk to any of them!

  5. We used a large portion of our tax return for donations to our church and different charity/cause groups.

  6. I voted for you the day that you posted about the Lovlies!

  7. Yup I am a follower... and I love those little earrings in this post...but I must say I do own my favorite piece... the swallow with the pearls necklace I ordered around Christmas... But really everything that you make makes my heart swoon.
    My favorite childhood memory... playing in the backyard with my brother and sister... we would spend hours upon hours in our backyard.
    Love this blog of yours, your etsy, and everything you create! xo

  8. i follow your blog!
    Renea Hanna
    pennythreads {at} gmail {dot} com

  9. i voted for you in the lovelies. :D i really do hope you win!
    Renea Hanna
    pennythreads {at} gmail {dot} com

  10. I follow the blog for a while now :)
    Favorite piece from the jewelry shop: vintage bicycle necklace.
    Favorite piece from the photo shop: Sing me a song.
    My favorite childhood memory is when I used to go to the zoo with all the family... we had so much fun and I always got cotton candy :D
    And I already voted yesterday for you on The Lovlies!
    Tweeted!! @AnAuroraH

  11. 1 point: follow my blog. I AM A FOLLOWER.

    1 point: tweet this giveaway. I TWEETED.

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop. WINGS OF LOVE SKELETON KEY NECKLACE.

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my photography shop. PEACOCK FEATHER.

    1 point: tell me your favorite childhood memory. HOUSEBOATING AT LAKE SHASTA IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA EVERY SUMMER.

    1 point: tell me something nice you have recently done for someone. I MAILED OUT SEVERAL 'NICE NOTE CARDS' TO STRANGERS FROM THE PHONE BOOK.

    1 point: vote for me on The Lovlies (only 3 days left). I VOTED.

  12. :) I love giveaways!

    - I already follow your blog
    - I re-blogged at justmandyness.blogspot.com
    - Headed over to tweet - justmandy
    - You hold the key necklace is my fav
    - Shy 5x5 is my fav
    - Fav memory - feeding watermelons to the cows on our property and climbing our pear trees.
    - We bought lunch for my brother and his girlfriend, just because.
    - I voted for you over at the Lovlies.

    So - 8 points

  13. i follow your blog

    and my favorite childhood memory is stealing my grandmother's foreign currency and spending it at the liquor store on big pickles and fun dip.

    weee! haha!

    2 points.

  14. I am already a follower, you are one of my favorite blogs. :)

    I tweeted. :)

    My favorite item in your jewelry shop right now is the Lavender Fields Vintage Doily Dress. How gorgeous is that?!

    My favorite item in your photography shop right now is "Whisper."

    My favorite childhood memory would have to be when my dad would take us fishing except one time we actually caught a fish and had no bucket to take him home in for dinner.....so my dad put him in a plastic bag with water and tied him to the bumper of his car so we wouldn't spill water in the car. That poor fish.

    I recently gave a homeless man holding a sign saying, "Just Hungry" an orange I had in my car.

    I voted at the Lovelies. Hope you win!

    I just bought some earrings today. I know, I couldn't have bought them when ordering the shirt?! sheesh. haha I just realized today I need more cute earrings. :)

    Point count: 17 :)

  15. I love your converse shoe necklace!

  16. hey girl!! awesome giveaway idea. <3

    i follow your blog (i've had you on my bloglines for awhile, but made it official and clicked "follow me"!).

    i tweeted about your giveaway.

    i will add this to my {things i love} thursday blog post this week.

    from you jewelry shop my favorite thing is the blue rose pearl ring. *swoon*

    my favorite print of yours is the "undress" one. it is stunning!

    my favorite childhood memory: my mum bundled us up and we had a nighttime picnik in the snow and watched a metior shower.

    something nice i did: i drove to stay with my mum for a few days while she was dealing with some emotional trauma.

    i voted for you on the lovelies!

    so i think that makes my point total: 8
    my e-mail: shadylane_14@hotmail.com

    thanks girl!! you rock. <3

  17. i brought my mom a stuffed valentine's turtle and a box of chocolates for valentine's day just because she always made sure she got us things growing up to know that we were loved even though we didn't celebrate holidays. i love her so much. :D
    Renea Hanna
    pennythreads {at} gmail {dot} com

  18. 1 point: follow my blog- check!

    1 point: re blog this giveaway- check!

    1 point: tweet this giveaway- check!

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop
    -come hither steampunk necklace and vintage inspired bird keyhole necklace. so pretty! and i love all of your rings!

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my photography shop-
    waiting is beautiful! i like mirror mirror a lot too!

    1 point: tell me your favorite childhood memory- being with my Grandma

    1 point: tell me something nice you have recently done for someone-made a birthday cake for a coworker

    1 point: vote for me on The Lovlies (only 3 days left)

    10 points: buy something from my shop during this giveaway period
    -i plan to! :D

  19. Congrats on the almost 200th sale!! Yay!

    Blog follower :) - 1 point
    Faithfully blogged! - 1 point
    Retweeted your tweet: 1 point
    Favorite item in jewelry: Patina Cinderella Earrings and
    Patchwork colorful dress, love that one! - 1 point
    Favorite item in photography shop - Peacock Feather Wood Block! - 1 point
    Favorite childhood memory - my favorite memories are the times I spent with my family on summer vacations out west. and baking christmas cookies with my sisters and brother :) - 1 point
    something nice - it's just a little thing, but I treated my dad to a nice dinner yesterday. - 1 point
    Voted! - 1 point

    I bought your calendar but that's was a few days ago, so technically not in the entry time, I will buy another if I can!

    I have used way too many exclamation points in this entry, but that's because this giveaway is awesome :)

    Total - 8 points

  20. email address - obellanaturals[at]gmail[dot]com

  21. Ok...1)I follow your blog 2)I am blogging this giveaway- flatfootfloosy@blogspot.com 3)the wing and pearl earings that I am about to....4-14)purchase 15)I think the calendar on your photo shop is top notch 16)as a child I loved to ride my horse around and play real cowboys and indians. 17)fliped a lucky penny from tails to heads for the next lucky soul:) 18)I voted...YOU! WOW that's 19 entries....yippee. fettign@mir.wustl.edu

  22. Another point!! Doing something nice to someone recently: I told a girl in the bus stop how good she looked and that she was really beautifull. Hopefully I made her day because she looked bitter when I first saw her but at the end she was smiling... so that made my day :) yay!!

  23. okay...here we go:
    1. I follow your blog!
    2. My favorite piece of jewlrey is the converse necklace! I had a hard time choosing between that and the owl necklace I just bought.
    3. These Days is my favorite photo in your shop. So sweet!
    4. My favorite childhood memory would be our family vacations to Branson. I know it sounds silly but we would go every year and stay in my grandma and grandpas little vacation home.
    5. We recently helped our cousin out while she was having some financial issues by letting her live with us!
    6. I voted for you!
    7. I purchased something Sunday does that count??
    Great giveaway...I am keeping my fingers crossed!!

  24. So many goodies!

    I retweeted the giveaway
    I'm a follower already (blog and twitter) - 1 point

    I love the Patina Secret Garden necklace in your jewelry shop - 1 point

    My favorite print is the Sing me a song - 1 point

  25. 1. Following your blog!
    2. Tweeted this giveaway! - http://twitter.com/naddie_t/status/9242342285
    3. Favourite jewelry item is Darling Tiny Rose Locket Necklace! So lovely!
    4. Favourite photography item is the Morningtime Wood Block. I love wood blocks!
    5. Favourite childhood memory is my 4th birthday. It has always stuck out in my head as the best birthday I've ever had.
    6. Something nice I've done recently is make a chocolate cake for my sister - I don't like chocolate much, and I made it for her to celebrate the fact that she just finished exams. She was quite happy. :)
    7. I voted for you on The Lovelies!

    7 points! Thanks!


  26. Laura, I almost hyperventilated when I saw this giveaway!

    1 point: follow my blog - I am a follower and a big fan!

    1 point: re blog this giveaway - Done!

    1 point: tweet this giveaway - http://twitter.com/xsavingjulietx

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop - this is difficult because I adore every piece!
    but if I had to choose it would be the pearl button ring <3

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my photography shop - ultimate fave is Enchantment

    1 point: tell me your favorite childhood memory - Getting home from Nursery and taking long afternoon naps beside my mom, miss it so much.

    1 point: tell me something nice you have recently done for someone - My boyfie said he didn't want anything for Valentine's, but I bought him the Incubus CD he's been wanting secretly <3

    1 point: vote for me on The Lovlies - Voted already :D

    total: 8 points :3

    I know when I get home I will still be thinking of this giveaway :D lol

  27. 1 point: follow your blog

    1 point: reblog'd this giveaway @ http://bit.ly/9hix2I

    1 point: tweet'd this giveaway @bradee

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop: (i loveLOVE the mini dreams locket!!!)

    1 point: tell me your favorite item from my photography shop: this is hard since ALL of ur stuff is gorgeous... but i think im gonna say the morningtime woodblock

    1 point: tell me your favorite childhood memory: hmm... christmas eves at my grandparents b4 gma died :(

    1 point: tell me something nice you have recently done for someone: hmm... i had a gf in need of support during a very private matter & i was happy to be there for her

    1 point: i voted for you on The Lovlies

    i think thats a total of... 8 points :) yeah me!!!

  28. Hi violet bella :)

    Oh yes mam I follow your blog

    I also voted for you on The Lovlies

    Hmmm My favorite childhood memory... Staying with my grandmother in the mountains all summer long. She spoiled me with art and craft supplies :)

    I adore this necklace from your shop http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40453194

    And this photo rom your other shop although I love them all http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=36123754

    Im off to tweet your giveaway :)

    See ya soon

    April (artfulgoodies)

  29. email address: elizabethmedina87@hotmail.com

    - i follow your blog.

    - i tweeted the giveaway

    - i really love the "Mother and Child Key necklace" because i am a mother of a two year old, and it would have great meaning to it!

    -i really loved "Sing Me A Song" and "Whisper" amazing photos.

    - my favorite childhood memory was the fact that i was free. i didn't have no responsibility, no bills, no worries. it was fun to just have fun and live!

    - something nice? well my manager at work doesn't have a car at the moment so i've been taking her everywhere she needs to go for the past three weeks. i also donated blood to kids with Leukemia.

    - i voted for you on The Lovlies.

    total points: 7

  30. Your work is so beautiful, Laura!

    I follow your blog 1 pt
    I tweeted (www.twitter.com/tamarajanzen) 1 pt
    My fav. jewellry item is the rustic leaf and locket vintage key necklace. 1 pt
    My fav. photo item is "These Days"
    1 pt
    Fav childhood memory: the summers when my sisters and I would make stuff all day and build forts and eat KD. We once build a cash register. It had a pull out cash drawer, and "pushable" keys. It was amazing! 1 pt
    I volunteered for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. 1 pt
    I voted for you on "the Lovelies" 1 pt
    total 7 points

  31. Oh my gosh! You are the most adorable girl!

    Well, favorite childhood memory would be the father-daughter times I had with my dad. We would go to dinner, he would buy me carnations (my favorite at the time) and ice cream, and take me dancing. I love him so much!

    Voted for you on The Lovelies!

    Something nice for my sister is that I went and took her out for a day so she could be just herself and not a mom or wife. She loved it!

    Fav numero uno = http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=39878247

    Fav #2 = http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=40611835

    Following you now! :)

    I don't know if I am too late, but you are adorable and I wanted to support you no matter what.


  32. I am now following your blog! Such a cute one! (1)Your blog is just wonderful!
    And I mentioned you in one of my posts on my blog! (1)
    My fave jewelery item is the owl necklace... so cute! (1)
    'These Days' is my fave photo. (1) (but I kinda like them all!!)
    Fave childhood memory is Christmas eves spent with my grandparents... so magical. (1).
    I volunteered for the Special Olympics by giving free eye exam screenings. (1)
    I voted for you on "the Lovelies" (1)
    Total of 7 (tried to tweet but my lord, I can't figure that out! lol
    Thank you so much for this adorable giveaway!

  33. I am a NEW follower, and I retweeted.
    I love your spring bracelet and your Days Like These print is me me me!

    Thats 4 points.
    great giveaway :) :)

  34. Hello, I just found your blog and i think I'll stay here longer :D It's great place!!!

    the giveaway is cute too :D

    1. tell me your favorite item from my jewelry shop:
    Oh my gosh! they all are SO adorable! I love "For the LOVE of Craft necklace"! I love "Silver Wing necklace"! I love "Pretty Heart Locket"! I love "Spring Melody in pink - teal - olive"! I love "Bows and Pearls earrings"! I love them all!!! <3

    2. tell me your favorite item from my photography shop
    All photos are amazing but i choosed these two:

    3. tell me your favorite childhood memory:
    hanging out with my dad :D

    4. tell me something nice you have recently done for someone:
    I made little scrapbook album for my friend :D

    5. vote for me on The Lovlies (only 3 days left):
    I'm late :(

    6. I'll post about your etsy shop in these next days :) but I already added your blog to my links on sidebar :D

    PS Are you from Poland? :)


  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. 1) I just added your blog to my google reader so i guess that makes me follower
    2) I love the birds and chocolate earings really what else could i need ; ) ?
    3)I like the chasing time print
    4)Childhood memory..baking bread with my grandma
    5)I gave away a beret I was binding off to a total stranger girl i met at a cafe because she liked it so much
    6) I guess i am late for the lovevlies but i left a comment anyway!
    congrats on your beautiful blog & giveaway!


  37. Hi! I'm a new follower and definitely intrigued by your beautiful layout and photos!

    I'm tweeted about your giveaway here. /sunniipinky

    I really like the teal flower starburst and vintage key necklace.

    All of your photos are really beautiful, but I like Daydream the most.

    I think I really enjoyed traveling to different places in the world with my parents. :) It's hard to be very specific.

    I treated my friend to her favorite drink when she was studying for midterms, early grey milk tea. :)

    I've already voted for you on The Lovelies not because I want an extra point in your giveaway but because your photographs are truly amazing. :)

    7 points all together. I'll look at your items again when I have more $$ in my bank account. xD

  38. Hi again!
    I voted for you on The Lovlies!

    I also posted about your shop on my blog like i promissed! (http://thecraftroyalists.blogspot.com/2010/02/byskotki.html)

    And I bought one of your adorable necklaces on etsy :D can't wait to have it!


  39. I hope I'm not too late!

    1 point: for following your blog. I only discovered it today and it's wonderful!

    1 point: The Holiday Bird earrings are stunning.

    1 point: Fave photo is "Sing Me A Song" - (I alove These Days too; in fact I love so many. Awesome work!)

    1 point: Something nice I've done - I sent a big pamper package (soaps, music, tea and jewellery) to my friend living over on the other side of the world. She'd just had a nasty thing happen.

    1 point: Favourite childhood memory - my punk party when I turned 11. I thought I looked so cool and it was so much fun.

    1 point: I voted for you on The Lovelies (Good Luck!)

    = 6 points

    (my finger has been hovering around the Add to Cart button on the Sing Me A Song print. Another 10 points would be fab but will have to wait until I have more $$. It's so gorgeous though!)

  40. I follow you!

    I voted for you!

    My favorite photo is "Set Free"

    My favorite piece of jewelry are the Birds and Chocolate earrings.

    My favorite childhood memory would be celebrating the Fourth of July at my Aunt's house. Summer. Family. Friends. Barbeque. Popsicles. Fireworks.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!