Tattooed lovers dont like to reminisce

Here are a few shots I grabbed of my friend's Christie and Matt. Christie is the girl from my earlier post.

It was a nice visit, I was sad to see her leave. I wish she was closer!

She was wearing one of the mustaches I got her from Jamie! She pretty much rocked it like I knew she would!

So, James and I went on a date tonite! First one in FOREVER! It was so wonderful. We went to our favorite pizza spot, Fralo's. We split a hand tossed pizza, he got bbq chicken and i got pepperoni, pinneapple and spinach. Then we got a layered vanilla and chocolate cheesecake that was on a chocolate cookie crumb base and it has caramel, nuts and mini chocolate chips on top, with a homemade whip cream on the side, um yeah! And a hot sweet chamomile tea, perfect.

Then we went to Walmart and got James a new playstation controller and i got a rad pink plaid flannel!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of CLEANING house and CATCHING UP on custom orders. Time to get BACK TO WORK!

{oh yeah, i dyed my hair today, teal streaks, but didnt take any pics! and i had a cute outfit on today, oh well :) }



  1. I want to see the hair! I'm getting pink next week, with some darker brown and reddish/purplish brown thrown in... at least that's how i have it in my head...we'll see!

  2. Haha! So cute!!!
    I want to see your hair!!!!!

  3. Awesome!!
    I love the last picture... you can see the love :)
    Can't wait to see you hair.
    I don't worry much about not watching the picture of the outfit, though, cause you always wear gorgeous outfits.

  4. Funny, sweet and romantic photos. Love, love them!

  5. Looks like a blast! I'm always taking cheeky pics with my friends.

  6. I love date nights! The cheesecake sounded amazing!! And I too so want to see your hair!


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