Beautiful New Jewelry

Just another quick update on the newbies in the shop!

You can click on the etsy mini at the bottom of the page to go to the shop...

Sorry for the lack of real posts, just super busy, hopefully soon you will get some real-ness...

Peace and Love,


  1. Your colors and romantic style are perfect together--and your photos are GORGEOUS!

  2. I love the scissors, bike, and whale necklaces!

  3. exquisite!

    those earrings in the first picture are calling to me:) I just love that purple color...

    my cousin just recently downloaded a whole bunch of Jodi Mitchell songs on one of my computers...and I was listening to some of her songs (wondering why her voice and name looked and sounded so familiar) and then the River song your always talking about came on and I realized who it was! It reminded me of you so much I was like 'hey this is Laura's song!' :D

    hope your having a good day!


  4. I love these...especially the bike necklace! :)

  5. i loveee them all! i thought each one was my favorite till i saw the next! i'm going to buy one some day...when my income is more steady:)
    you're style is awesome.

  6. These new pieces are really beautiful. My favorite are the whimsical owl earrings. I love all the color combinations on your new works such as purple, chartreuse and cornflower blue. And your photos are so dreamy!

  7. Really gorgeous. I love the whale necklace. Your blog is gorgeous.

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