Wood Blocks, Handmade Dress, Possum, French Toast!

This is my day today:

woke up around 9:15...
oatmeal {made by the hubs}...
kisses with my baby...
made new wood blocks...
photograhped new dress...
saw a possum...
a fine frenzy and brandi carlile...
cleaned house...
took down xmas tree :(...
played chase with Violet...
let bella play outside and eat grass...

that sums it up, now here are some photos!!!

My new wood blocks, I made these for Spirit Wind Java, our favorite coffee house in Ingram. They asked me to put up my art for the month of February! I will go on saturday to hang it all up, Ill try to remember to take photos :)

Here is the new dress! I love it so much. I will be posting in my etsy shop, hopefully tonite, but if not, soon!

He he, here is the little guy that was in my neighbors back yard today. He was silly playing dead, then he finally got up and ran away when we got close enough. Poor guy, we probably scared him.

Just wanted to share the yummy breakfast my hubby made me the other morning, it was soooo incredibly delicious! He put orange flavor in the batter, yumm! and look how cute he made the fruit! love it!
I am so hungry, we dont have anything good to eat right now, so I am waiting for james to get home to eat homeade pizza. *grumble*


Oh, and for the few of you who really wanted to know, I am going to have two items featured on Ruche.com in the near future! Im not sure when, so Ill post about it when I find out!


I must go update the shop, so ciao for now!



  1. Can I just say, you have the most beautiful posts, blog, paintings, jewelry, style...you are just a beautiful person! I am so glad that I found your blog, it is like when I am having a stressful evening, I can just take a peek at your blog and all of the sudden I feel relaxed! It is just so tranquil and I mean that in a good way.

  2. I completely agree with the comment above! I love your blog. You are such a talented lady and I love that you share such beautiful things with us! :)

    I also have to comment on the adorable breakfast presentation by your hubby! Too cute.

    Happy Monday <3

  3. OH MY GOODNESS! I MUST have a dress made by you, you crazy talented amazing wonderful woman! that dress you made....WOW! I am speechless aside from all I just said. You are at a whole new level for me now. You are like...Helen of Troy in my eyes. Jeez! Love it Laura...so good. So beautiful. I WANT! hehe. Love you girlie...just think you should know how awesome you are.

  4. that dress is absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. BEAUTIFUL dress. Absolutely AMAZING!

  6. oh your wood blocks are gorgeous!!!!

  7. EEEE! I love that dress!! WOW you're mighty talented! Thanks for the musical comments, its so nice to know that someone else shares my love for those types of artists. I would love to listen to a playlist you create sometime too....Sometimes swapping music is better than chocolate ;)

  8. your day sounds so amazing!!! & i've never seen a cute possum till now! what a little cutie!
    your blog is so pretty...makes me feel peaceful:)

  9. gorgeous!!!
    you are seriously amazing :)


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!