Dont Let This Win Over You

Falling back into normalcy...

Now with the holidays behind us, we can begin the journey of the new year.

Yesterday we took a drive to Medina, a very small town close to where we live. The town was a complete ghost town. We wondered about the people that live there, what they do, where they live, a bit creepy sometimes.

There is a spot at the river that we always go to. As far as rivers go, there is nothing remarkable about this spot. There is a little bridge, a field nearby. I like the field. I always want to take pics in it.

Here is a shot I got of James. I decided to play around in photoshop, its been so long since Ive done anything like this. I used a quote from one of James favorite bands, Set Your Goals. He wants to get this line tattooed on him.

Here is a shot James took of me. I always love the shots he gets. He always impresses me with the camera. We took a bunch more, but Im being lazy and only posting these two right now.

I turned my scarf into a head warmer, I like it even better that way.
Today, James said he was thinking about me at work and it made him smile, so when he got home he wanted to take me to get coffee at our favorite little coffee shop in Ingram. That made me happy, and giddy inside to know he still thinks of me that way while he is at work :)

Unfortunately I got another headache. One everyday for about 5 days now. But I suffered through it to have a good time. He ordered a Hazelnut Chai Latte and I mooched some. I knew I couldnt drink a whole drink cause of my head. He got a yummy lemon dessert. I got a chicken salad, tuna salad, pimento cheese salad trio. The tuna was not good, but I loved the other two. I knitted a bit on my new something! The best part, I got to see this adorable girl there:

Go check her out, she makes really cute music.

And check out this beautiful treasury that Casey Davis from Tiny Treasures made and featured 2 of my items in!

So, I have alot of blog catching up to do...off to go read some of my friends!



  1. LOVE the headwarmer! and that treasury is adorable. sounds like you guys had a great day! i must go to this coffee shop sometime. :D sorry to hear about your headaches. :(

  2. Hope your headaches get better!!! Loove the headwarmer! Beautiful pics!!!! I wore my wings earrings you sent me today. They make soooo happy!!! =)

  3. ok....the head warmer ROCKS!!!!! Totally, lol. Love the pic ;o)

  4. ooh i like the pics! nice photoshop work and you are right, your hubs did get a great shot of you! love the headband, too bad it doesn't keep those headaches at bay :( feel better!

  5. I love that photo! I really want to get photoshop so that I can start to makes some cool pics.

  6. Oh my gosh, You are really beautiful...

  7. I love the photos! I'm sending you good energies for your headaches =)

  8. you are ADORABLE.

  9. both pics are great. wanna see more :-) greetz

  10. Laura! That's soooo adorable that he was thinking of you and that it made him smile and that he wanted to take you to your guys fave coffee place :D that makes me so happy! I can envision a romantic scene off the screen :D

    I love the photographs you guys took of each other. I like what you did with his..but omg..the picture he took of you! Absolutely breathtaking..but then again, with a model like you..it'd be hard to get a bad shot..you are sooo beautiful..I love the feeling of that picture and I love your HEADWARMER!!!!!!!!!!!! You can pull off anything!

    Hope your head feels better!!
    stay away from caffeine..it makes them worse.

    love you!

  11. sweet post!
    you both know how to get those great pictures of each other...
    that coffee shop sounds wonderful:)
    sorry to hear about your headaches hope you enjoyed your date anyways!
    your headband is beautiful...

    remember how I was going to take pictures of that yoga section in whole foods for you? well, I went to whole foods last night but I couldn't get any pictures because this worker there said no cameras. It was probably all for the best this time around because I forgot to bring my good camera...
    Anyhow I am going to try again to get the pictures, maybe in a few weeks or whenever I get the chance to go.
    I'll just ask permission directly, tell them it's for my blog and see if they let me:)
    I'm thinking they only stopped me because of the late hour and the fact that the store was really busy.
    I have taken pictures there before, loads of times, no problem, so we'll see how it goes.
    They probably didn't want me to scare the other customers or something (LOL)...next time I'll plan my trip for the morning when it's empty:D
    I probably sound like an uber persistent person trying to get these pictures, but the thing is I have wanted to do some sort of blog post on the wonders of Whole Foods since Sarah and I started blogging and I'd really hate to give up that hope after just one try:)
    It is a really awesome shop!

    I'm going to check out all your links now:)


    p.s. here comes another long comment, hehee:)

  12. p.s. the treasury just expired but I saw it and it was gorgeous!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!