Todays Happenings

Today has successfully been busy. It started of so. I woke up to 5 packages that needed to be packed. (which is a wonderful thing). Then off to the post office, then quickly seeing my husband off to work. We did manage to eat another homeade pizza. (image below)

So I am going to attempt the 365 project. And since we are only four days into the year, and I have either taken a photo or edited one everyday, I am going to count those! So this image is actually #4. I will upload them into my flickr and create a folder just for the project. As soon as I get it up and running Ill post a link. Its something I really want to do, but doesnt seem a priority.

I just spent a few hours organizing all my sales and expense receipts for my upcoming taxes. I needed to get started on my 4th quarterly anyway. That feels super good to get started! Any of you who sell your goods...do you use a tax person or do you do it yourself? This will be my first year actually filing my business. A bit nervous!

Today I made a very happy sale! I sold my first wood block! She also bought this print and a calendar! Needless to say, I was an excited girl!
Our yummy pizza. I thought I had messed it up b/c the crust seemed really tough compared to my last batches, but it is the best Ive done so far, soooo yummy!!!
I got to see my friend Renea today. We chatted up crafty things in our local coffee shop for a bit. Check out this adorable scarf she made! Her work is so seamless and perfect, I love it!

I adore this photo she got of it! So cute Renea!


I need to go attend to my shop and post of few newbies, ciao for now!

and again, I just want to thank all my darlings on here for all of your wonderfully sweet comments, you guys are amazing!



  1. i am soooo excited to see what unfolds on your 365! it's gonna be great. congrats on the sales...it's so awesome to see your success increasing every week! you have always given me hope by your example. and thank you, as always, you sweet sweet woman, for giving me a spotlight in your world. much love! thanks for having coffee with me. :D

  2. The 365 project sound like so much fun! Congragulations on selling your first wooden block!!

  3. Congratulations on your awesome day!! 5 packages and another sale sounds fantastic to me! I was thinking about your wood blocks today and how awesome they are. Your homemade pizza looks yummy, do you have your own recipe that you use? My husband and I like to make our own calzones, but I've never attempted pizza crust, that would be fun!
    I haven't filed yet since I just opened up, but I know others who have small businesses, my sister uses someone and she said it saves her a headache.
    I look forward to your 365 project, I think I may join in on the fun and do one too!
    Another wonderful item from penny threads, I love her stuff!!


  4. that pizza looks YUM.

    congrats on the sale!

  5. If I had money I'd buy your beautiful prints <3

  6. Pizza dough is a living thing - it's never the same twice that's part of why I love to make it! Congrats - that one looks good!!!

  7. P.S. You can add pizza artist to all the wonderful things you do!!!

  8. your amazing too:)

    It must be so awesome and nice to have a friend whose there for you in the blogisphere and then also right there in town when you want to chat and get together for coffee:D

    I love that first picture, I saw it in your shop today and I was like wooooow!

    Congratulations on the sales!!! I'm so excited to be using my calender:) I have it on the wall hanging from a tack, thanks to you!!!

    that pizza looks yummy...

    I look forward to seeing your 365 project. What is it exactly? Do you just take pictures every single day of the year?
    I always wanted to do something like that, but keep forgetting to start on the 1'st, one day I'll get it right:)


  9. I CAN'T WAIT to see your 365! It's gonna be so awesome! I just know it!

    Congrats on the awesome sale today! That's so great! I'm sure you will have many more awesome sales to come this year!!!!

  10. i love that you are doing that 365 project. i am getting more and more inspired to do fun projects like that too. ones that maybe don't seem like a huge priority but are fun and having fun is important too!
    uggggh, taxes. i cannot imagine doing it myself. find someone to do it for you. there is too much to know. they'll help you figure out everything you can write off too. i actually just saw a friends facebook post today that said he had to redo 3 years of taxes today bc he tried to do them himself...his advice also was hire someone :)
    congrats on the sales...wooohoooo!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!