Happy Birthday my Love Part 11

Happy Birthday James!!!

A little photo post in honor of my babe.

This boy is not only hotttt! but funny, loving, protecting, caring and a million other wonderful things. He is my best friend.

Today consists of lounging about, the pizza at Fralo's, then coming home to a tent party. We are going to make a tent in the living room and play scrabble, drink hot cocoa and just be. Then we will spend the majority of tommorrow on vacation under the tent as well.

Our own little getaway!

James, I love you!



  1. Happy Bday James!
    A fellow skater... we must get our boys together !
    by the way.. when baby comes .. and Im slim again ..I want pics from you my friend... I dont mind paying full price.. no need to trade. Your work is fabulous.... I just love all your pics.

    Much love girl.. I love your blog! feel like I know you now hehe

  2. You two will make some pretty babies.
    Oh and we love living room tents here too! For a different purpose, of course, as my 2-yo is the main tent resident. She loves to curl up under one with all her stuffed animals, books and snacks!

  3. Happy Birthday James!!
    I hope you to enjoy a wonderful day together. Hanging in your living room tent sounds perftect.
    You guys are so cute together!!

  4. Can you two be any more adorable!!
    Happy Birthday James!!

  5. You two are a seriously beautiful couple!!!! What a hottie you've got yourself there, Laura! ;)
    Love your photography!!!! Soooo awesome!!! Enjoy your day! A tent getaway sounds perfect!!! Happy Birthday to James!

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday to your love!!!!

    That boy looks like he's got mad skills on the skateboard, lol!


  7. cutest couple award goes to you!!!
    so cute
    Happy Birthday James !!!

  8. these pics are great!
    love the action shots especially:)
    Hope he has a great Bday! I love Bdays!

  9. What a great post!! You two are adorable and look like you have so much fun together. And, a tent party with scrabble ahhh GREATNESS. My husband and I played scrabble all holiday. I also received my lovely, lovely necklace and will be posting about it as soon as I wear it... right now it is on display as a piece of art... simply LOVELY!!! Have fun trip!! xo

  10. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who left birthday wishes for my baby! and thanks for leaving such sweet comments!!!

  11. Laura, Tonight, our Nana and my father showed off your lovely and whimsical blog. What a treat to see on a dreary winter afternoon. I hope we get to meet this spring when I return. --cheers Laura Klein

  12. OMG, ack! typing on the baby computer--

    YOUR nana, not OUR nana! :)

  13. I hope you guys had a wonderful birthday celebration!! Date nights in are so special!
    You take some amazing photos, can I hire you to come down and take photos of me and my family to have like these?? How much is a plane ticket to Florida :)

    So awesome to see how much you love your husband, you must be a special wife.



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