Teddy Bear Shirt - Style Feature 3

Style Feature 3

Okay, so I am skipping two styles ahead of what I have saved to share because I am so excited about this shirt I made last night.

Introducing...my teddy bear shirt!

This is how I wore it today!
So many possibilities though, I cant wait to make new outfits everytime with it.
I had alot of fun making it, I just wanted something cute last night. It was a toss up between a bear or an owl, james chose bear!

{geesh, my hair is getting long!}

Paired with:
ripped jeans
tweed mini
vintage leather belt
plaid shoes
vintage grasshopper purse

{this rad purse was given to me by my little old lady neighbor who is soooo sweet. One of her family members hand made it, but she knew no one in her family would appreciate it, so she gave it to me, along with about 6 more different ones!

I got my glasses today!
They are a pretty teal color.
I got matching nail polish for 64 cents!

They feel really weird, I havent worn glasses in a long time b/c mine have been broken for about a year but I couldnt afford to replace them until our insurance kicked back in.

And I got a cute shot of us today! I love to take these simple pics of us each time we leave the house. It is usually annoying to James I think, but he is a good sport! I just like to capture us together, and if I dont do it then, it will never happen while we are actually out and about.

Oh yeah, and I put red back in my hair. I missed it and I needed a change.

I feel like I am so behind on up dating, I have alot of pics saved to share. But I will break it up.

Tomorrow I go to hang my art in the coffee shop!
I have alot to get together still for that, eeeek!

I get to see this cute girl:
you must check out her music!

off to upload newbies to the shop! Things are flying off the shelf, so you better go get while the gettin's good!

Peace, Laura


  1. I love your teddy bear shirt, so adorable and so are you!!


  2. Your teddy bear shirt is like the fashionable way to wear those typically ugly Christmas sweaters. Like you know how to wear it. that takes skill! Love it! :D

  3. Is your hair thick or thin? I am getting a new do and I love yours. Peace out brussel sprout ;)

  4. so many things to comment on!
    cute shirt! love that bag from your neighbour, and i am also totally guilty of annoying my boyfriend with too many pictures.

  5. that beautiful you are, even your photos .... are a beautiful couple!
    Happy weekend!

  6. awww! that shirt is AWESOME!!! :] and i love your hair!!! so beautiful!

  7. amazing! i seriously missed your blog when i was MIA in the cyber world!

    so glad to be able to see what you're up to again, feels like it's been forever, lol!

    love + luck + bliss,
    missysue xox

  8. Seriously love these pics!!! You are so beautiful!!! Love the hair and loooove your new glasses!!! They look so great on you!!! Your teddy bear shirt is cuuute!!! Sorry to keep gushing over you. At least you "know" me so you know I'm not a crazy stalker. Ha! Well, I do stalk and AM crazy but you know what I mean. Ha! Love you, girl!!!

  9. Serioiusly? could you get any cuter and cooler?? I don't think so!! I totally wish you lived close because now I really want to hang out with you!

  10. that shirt is to die for! fabulous job. and i love little photoshoots with boys. :D my hubs humors me too. lol.
    thanks for sharing!

  11. I just found your blog and I adore your hair! I have been wanting this hair cut for a couple of years, I always go to a stylist and try to explain it but I get some weird choppy style instead. I love the red. So lovely.

    cute couple pic too.

    now following. :)

  12. So darn cute! Your hair makes me want to cut mine, but then I remember I don't know how to style it that cute!
    Your shirt is awesome, I'm loving these style features :)
    Hope you had fun setting up your stuff in a coffee shop! I can't wait to be able to do that. I know people will love your work!

  13. i LOVE that shirt Laura! super cute and you did an amazing job as always. :D glad to see color back in your hair. SPUNKY!

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