Very Exciting News!!!

A quick update...

Our TENT PARTY was perfect, I will post about it later!

I sold my first set of four prints! This makes me very happy!

This is my current treasury, it will expire tomorrow!
Morning Time in Spring

Some really amazing news...
This is an ad that Melissa, the owner of Gunslinger (The local store I have my jewelry in) took out in the boerne Explore magazine. This is a super nice publication that features artists and local businesses. In this picture is Melissa wearing a peacock wood block necklace I custom made for her! It is a fabulous photo and a fabulous add.

Not only that, but Gunslinger had an entire page spread in the shopping department that featured another one of my necklaces! Yes, that huge necklace you see is mine! It says, Violet Bella, local artist...

I was absolutely excited to see this!

this magazine folds out to the size of a newspaper, so this necklace image was almost life size!

And the best part of it all, the wonderful publisher from the magazine is a new fan of Violet Bella, and has contacted me about doing an interview for February's art spread! I meet with her next week! I am nervous but excited! She even said they might use one of my photos for the cover of the publication!

I will definitely share this with you guys when it comes out!

Other than all the exciting news, my soar throat is coming back!

I am suppose to go clean a house tomorrow and do herbal work, so this makes me mad!
Hopefully I will awake in the morning all better!

much love

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  1. That's so awesome!!! Congrats!!!!
    I'm in love with that necklace that's shown in that magazine. Sooo pretty! Yay for awesome news! I hope your sore throat goes away!!! xo

  2. Wishing you better AND congrats!!!

  3. Congratulations Laura! I am so excited for you! This is gonna be BIG. :D

  4. hehe... congrats! you deserve it. by the way, this necklace is great. yieha!!!! =)

  5. WOW! This is amazing news, what a great thing for you!! Good luck with the meeting next week!! How exciting - What a gratifying way to see your hard work paying off!

    Thanks for reading my post on my thoughts on organic foods, I was feeling really frustrated! Some of the people I know don't understand why we eat what we eat. And that's so cool you saw an episode about cob on dirty jobs!! I will have to look it up, thanks for the heads up! I think that is the first thing ever I have seen about cob on TV.

    Oh and try some elderberry extract for your sore throat, I've noticed a difference in how long I am sick, it's supposed to help with viruses. Hope you feel better!


  6. Omigosh that is sooo exciting! I'm so happy for you, congratulations- you deserve it!

  7. oh how awesome! good job, girl! i'm happy for you :)
    what's "do herbal work" mean?

  8. That is so exciting! Congrats! That will be one beautiful cover if they decide to use one of your photographs!!
    Hope you get to feeling better!
    *I left you an award on my blog!!

  9. OMG Good for you being featured in a magazine and having your work out there, that's just awesome!!!!!
    Hopefully you get a lot of business (hehe) once more and more people start seeing your beautiful work I don't know how they will resist buying up your whole shop:D

    Congrats on selling your first set of photos, I'm sure there will be many more!

    Sorry to hear about your soar throat. You should take some Echinacea, that always helps:)



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