My First Crush

Okay, I am going to step outside my box here and admit it...

I have my first celebrity crush.

I am not someone who fawns over actors or anyone in Hollywood. I usually just dont get it, but since watching Criminal Minds, I have found myself in love with Matthew Gray Gubler a.k.a. Spencer Reid.

And today, for the first time I actually googled him! I seriously dont do this! And to my surprise, he is freakin hilarious, a total goofball, and an amazingly talented artist. So now, I am mildly obsessed, shhhh, please dont tell my husband!

Check out his super cute web site he made himself, all of his own drawings and works:

Gosh, I feel like a teenie bopper, he he!



  1. I love love that show!!!

  2. yay! i totally have a crush on him too! Love him! and his character in the show!

  3. I have a huge crush on him too... Have you seen his Unauthorized Documentary on Youtube? It's totally hilarious!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2Ll4LAoeZE
    There's the link for the first part, you'll find the next parts on your own... And he also has an Authorized Documentary, but he's obviously acting on both.
    I adore that guy... -teenage goosebumps!!-

  4. I just wanted to say hello and that i'm honoured to be nominated with you (on shrimp salad circus-i'm in the food category). you have a great blog! have a creative day :)

    (good choice for a crush!!)

  5. ooo he is a cutie. i know who you're talking about now. lol!

    last night was so much fun...sorry i didn't make it out today. it was not a good morning and things just didn't work out well for anything productive today. much love and well wishing chica. i will catch up with you this week. ciao.

  6. no wonder you've got a crush on him, he's a dashing hunk!! but don't worry my lips are sealed I won't tell your hubby...lol! :)

    I noticed today that you have one of my teddy bear widgets on your blog, and wanted to say thank you!!!

    I don't know how long you've had it but it means so much to me:)

    I've been feeling extremely terrible about not having the time these days to stop by all my favorite blogs and see what's going on (due to the fact that I enrolled in this exhausting math bootcamp) I was just feeling really down and uninspired because I also haven't been doing ANYTHING with my etsy or my blog...and then I started going through your old posts and blog archive and I saw my widget there on your sidebar...it just made my day so much!!!! THANK YOU for that, it was just such an extraordinary boost:) hugs!!!!

  7. so glad im not the only one to be crushing on him, lol! \

    Anaurora - yes, ive seen it, as well as all of the little videos he has made, so funny! thanks for the link!

    Amanda, likewise and thank you so much!

    Olivia, I am so glad you saw your widget, its been up for a while, I think its so cute! and im honored to have it up, you are such a sweetheart! hope you are feeling better love!

  8. I have a huge crush on him, too. He represents the rise of the nerdy sex symbol. :)

  9. I have crush on him too!! I love his voice!!

  10. eeeek I'm in love with him too! I'd have to say it's definitely the first celebrity 'crush' I've had since I was a little girl (leonardo dicaprio? hello! haha) .. his website is totally amazing and he's on twitter too! My boyfriend and I have all the episodes of Criminal Minds and we watch it CONSTANTLY. Seriously, can't get enough.
    cait xo

  11. I LOVE HIM :D Love your blog btw :)x

  12. spencer reid is my favorite!! i have dreams about him all the time. i watch criminal minds almost religiously. lol.
    sooo glad to hear i'm not alone.

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