Style Feature & Hearts For Haiti

So, this is basically inspired by being in Style School.

I feel like I pretty much know my 'personal style', but I have decided to keep a file on my outfits that I feel reflect what I believe to be my personal favorite styles. I am labeling them by the month they were taken, so I can look back and see how my style evolves, if it does. I pretty much wear what I like, I always have, and it tends to be eclectic and always different, so this will be fun!

I will share will you every now and then :)


For all of you in the shopping mood, go shop and help Haiti at the same time. An etsy group called Hearts For Haiti has been formed and they have already raised almost $4,000!!! Each item in the shop is donated by several different etsians and all of the proceeds from each sale go straight to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. I have already donated and sold one necklace!

God Bless everyone over there

And if you have not heard about my 'QUILT FOR LOVE' project head on over to this post:



  1. GORGEOUS!!!!
    P.S. I want to send you a quilt square for sure :)
    I need an email reminder though, just being honest!
    your style is lovely by the way!
    love you

  2. You are amazing... and oh so inspiring!!! I am headed over to check out the project. I love your style. Hope your Monday was lovely. xo

  3. You are like, beyond talented!

  4. I love your style. Do you have a favorite place to shop?

    I am going to check out the etsy store right now.

  5. You inspire me to be more creative in my wardrobe... you are so cute!! Most days I find myself running out of the house in t-shirt and jeans, undone hair and makeup... I would not have been caught this way before becoming a momma, but nowadays, I forget to be creative. I will look forward to your style features :)



Thank you so much for your sweet comments!