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Yesterday's outfit was one of my favorite kind of outfits.  To me, this is like peanut butter and jelly.  Comfort.  These shorts are some of my favorites... and they are a pair of my hubby's old jeans that I cut off.  I recently got this Mandolin Orange shirt, which is also a guys tee, and cant seem to take it off when Im at home.  I really wanted this color and they only had it in mens, so I just got the mens small, and its perfect. 

... a little mandolin orange for you...
  These Old Wheels by Mandolin Orange on Grooveshark

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fedora // forever21
shirt // mandolin orange
short // hubby's jeans cut off
belt // gifted from a friend
moon bracelet // spiral drift
braided bracelets // flourish leather
sandals // blowfish shoes

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It's pouring rain outside right now.  We are on our second big thunderstorm of the week.  Its definitely messed up all my plans for the photoshoot I was going to do for my big project... which will push its launch date back... BUT we need it so bad, so all I can do is rejoice for our land, plants and animals.  With the hot hot summer ahead of us, we could use a really good soaking before hand.  Thunderstorms do something magical for my soul.  Everything gets kind of dark, the house gets dark inside... and I tend to not turn on as much music, and just listen to the sounds going on outside.  Its soothing.  Sort of recharging in a sense that it forces you into a bit of downtime.  A little less active, and more in tune with your immediate surroundings.  Since I cant focus on my project, I think Im going to create by the windows in my studio today.  Maybe work on some brand new things... who knows!  And make some hot tea.  Ill definitely be staying in my pjs as long as possible... at least until we have to go to town this afternoon.  



  1. Sounds like a heavenly day! Those inside-stormy days are my favorite and I'm always tempted to completely set aside everything in lieu of a good book.
    Catherine Denton

  2. Love cosy outfits and that looks gorgeous as well as cosy a perfect combination!


  3. Love, Love, LOVE your blog! I can't stop reading, and you are adorable, love your style, love your pictures, love your jewelry....and I sound like a stalker. hahaha By far my favorite blog.

  4. Don'tcha just love it. I wore my fave t-shirt and shorts yesterday too, did I leave the house, no, but I really enjoyed romping around as it was only our second warm day in the past few months. But the rain has settled in here too and with it cooling temperatures.

    It's amazing how interesting weather can become when you move 2000 miles in the opposite direction. It blows my mind to think about the storms that make their way across this huge continent.
    It's almost poetic, a thunderstorm sweeping across north america could be a simple, cool, sweet breeze a few thousand miles away.

    Well, I am getting carried away here. You look absolutely cute to boot. I love the close up photo of you smiling, so genuine and happy.

  5. So, so cute! And you look so happy. :)

  6. you know your outfits perfect if it has the comfort factor. and you are rockin' it girl!! and even though thunderstorms scare me, you are right that they do something magical to the soul. it's like the wash away all the negativity in your life!
    xo TJ

  7. Okay... First: You can make ANY OUTFIT look amazing. I love this one and you look adorable!

    Second: Stormy weather is also magick for my soul. I feel so energized when lighting is flashing and thunder is rumbling. I love when rain is beating down on the streets and it's fresh scent hits the air. I also love love love the wind - it's my favorite element!

  8. Cute! I'm loving these storms too... they make me so happy and relaxed. And after last summer, I just really hope this kind of rain will happen more often!

  9. Sounds like a beautiful day. I love thunderstorms and rain on the windows.

  10. I kind of wish we has thunderstorms here. I always liked looking at lightning and feeling the boom of thunder. Unfortunately I'm usually asleep when we get such storms and I sleep through them. Oh well I guess. : ]

    I like this song! Super calming and bluesy. I don't have enough of this kind of music. Thanks for sharing!

    And I think I never got around to posting about this leather bracelet in your other post with it, but I just love that it looks like wood. Color me fascinated!

  11. it's so nice to see you smile :)

  12. I recently traveled to the south and one stop we made was a show with Mandolin Orange as an opening act. I hadn't heard of them prior to that but their music is quite beautiful. I've been meaning to get an album.


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