Mini Bedroom Makeover >>>

 After I did the Oh My Mama photoshoot, I felt such a connection with the images, I ordered a few for our home.  They have been lying on my desk begging me to hang them, but I was so unsure of where I wanted them.  I like to move things around alot... and with these, I was going to be poking so many holes in the wall, I wanted to make sure I wouldnt want to move them in a few weeks!  Im kind of running out of room to decorate in our house!  Eeeek!  The space above my necklace rack always looked so bare to me, so there they went!  (I wrote a little more in depth about this photoshoot the other day on The Bohemian Collective).  In case you are wondering, the necklace rack came from the inside of an old piano.

I also revamped my bedside area again while I was at it. I loved the way I had it before, if everything was kept in order... but with all my books beside the bed, it was becoming unruly.  I had the wooden shelf up on our mantle for the past month or so... but didnt really love it.  I wanted to do something nice with it though b/c my daddy made it.  Just to hold his pottery powders, but still, he made it.  So now I have all my beside stuff, plus some extra trinkets and things.  And it showcases my earrings on the lace better too!
It has been so hard to crawl out of this bed every morning lately.  Ive been in super deep sleep upon awakening, with Bella pawing at my face to feed her.  Just looking at this picture I feel my bones being beckoned.  

Its been a super busy two days.  Playing major catch up after the holiday weekend, and I have started my workout routine backup... which I am so happy about.  Ive kind of let myself go for a while.  So it feels nice to be nice to my body again.  We went grocery shopping today and got some more good stuff to eat too, which is a big help.  I need this.



  1. holy necklaces !

    i love the sneak peaks into your home. xoxo

  2. Beautiful! Love all the necklaces! Thank you for sharing

  3. Dear Laura,
    please come decorate my entire house, top to bottom. ;)
    xo, Kins.

  4. I love, love, LOVE that the necklace rack came from an old piano! Your home has so much personality. I echo Kinsey's sentiments: please come makeover my home!

  5. laura, you really have such a great style. i like the way you have decorated your home. not just that it looks special, but the meaning behind what you choose too. :)

  6. Love the bohemian feel to everything!
    I'd love to have my dorm look like this!


  7. It all look so pretty Laura.


  8. Your room looks like such a comforatable haven. So relaxing and inspirational!

  9. love your wall of jewels, how gorgeous!

  10. Oh I love your display of necklaces and your earring too! Very bohemian and pretty


  11. You have nice stuffs in your room and the makeover you made just revealed the treasures that you own. Great effort!


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