Roots & Feathers Shop Update >>>

Good morning!  Its been a little quiet over here in my corner of the world.  Ive been working hard on my project coming soon.  I know many of you have been asking when its going to be released!  There is not an actual release date yet, but as soon as I know Ill announce it.  Most likely within the next week, eeek!!  I also had a little down between dropping my camera the other day and breaking my self timer, and then starting my monthly girl time...   So, not alot of picture taking over here these past 3 days.  But, its given me time to focus on the more nitty gritty parts of what Im doing that really needed to be done anyway.  So its all good!  I just got a new self timer in the mail, and its a fancy one this time, so I have some schooling to do before I can even use it!  ...I keep meaning to post on here that I have been listing lots of new pretties in my Roots and Feathers shop, and even a few in my Violet Bella shop!  And there are many more to come, so keep posted!



  1. I love your jewelry! Especially the deer skull necklace.


  2. Love the new pieces LauraI love the kellyann. Always been attracted to amber. They are all so beautiful!

  3. I was actually just looking at your shop yesterday and wondering if what I was looking at was new or not. As always, I love everything : ]

    I was also wondering, do you have to put yourself in a different frame of mind when you're designing for VioletBella vs. Roots&Feathers? The styles are not wildly different, but different enough that they can't necessarily pass in each other's shops. Do you just create and then decide afterward which shop the finished piece belongs in? Or create specifically for one or the other? (Just wondering...) : ]

  4. beckie, that is a great question! when im designing for each shop, i do just that. i have to separate the two when im creating. and put myself in a specific mode for each. there are a few pieces that get questionable about which shop they should go into... but for the most part since i sit down and design for a specific one, i know what is what. part of the reason i started my roots and feathers shop was b/c i wanted to design jewelry that was more personal to my own style and taste. i love all my violet bella stuff, but i think i love the findings more than the actual pieces themselves since im not personally a very girly girl. but i love designing them for others. my R&F shop, its hard to let go of every single piece b/c they are all so me. truly a soul difference.

  5. Thanks Laura! I'm so glad you shared your "process." I had been wondering about it for a little while now. And it's crazy that you're able to do that, but really awesome at the same time. And I can definitely tell that R&F is much more "you." I love the style of it all and how it all flows together. Hopefully the pieces you make are cherished by everyone who buys them, since they very much deserve to be!

    Thank you again for your answer : ] I loved reading it!

  6. Ooooh, I love the Moorea earrings, so unique. Adore them!! SO much...great job on the new stock. You are amazing Laura, never stop being that way okay?


  7. The jewellery is beautiful, especially Spell. The comments are a great read today too, good question Beckie!


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