Sponsor Changes - Please Read >>>

Just popping in to let everyone know I have changed up how Im going to organize my sponsors.  I am now using Passionfruit to keep everything super easy for you and I, which means more options for you!  This will take away from the time I have to spend each month corresponding emails, coding html for buttons, etc.  So, I have decided to make giveaways optional again for all of my large sponsor spots!  AND... you can ad your button on my blog at anytime of the month if there is an availability.  All ads will still run for 30 days, regardless of when it goes up.  Visit my sponsor page for the new info to get started! 

P.S.  If you have already reserved a spot for June and have paid through paypal, please dont worry, I will handle all of your details still on my own, and will be adding you on at the first of June like originally intended.  You can email me if you have any questions.  If you have emailed me regarding having a spot, but have not yet paid via paypal, please do so through my sponsor page at this time, thanks!

By the way, I cant say enough good things about Passionfruit.  It was very easy to set up, and when I did have a little confusing set back, Jason, the creator of Passionfruit was right there to help me.  Best customer service ever.  So have no fear signing up with them if you are worried you will get confused, they will help!  But I assure you, they have made the site really user friendly.  A great tool for anyone who has ad spots on your blog!  Highly recommend!  After reading a few testimonials from other fellow bloggers, I decided to make the leap, and Im so glad I did!

In other news, I feel like Im wayyyy behind on posting.  I have tons of them ready to go.  Ive been having some major off and on internet connection problems this past week, to the point where I get so frustrated I just have to get off the computer completely.  And, in all honesty... Ive had a really rough few days.  For two days straight I could hardly crack a smile and just felt generally in a funk without a cause.  Well, by the 3rd day, little things were setting me off, and I quickly realized its just me missing my parents like nobody's business.  I ache for them so bad.  I keep dreaming about them, which is nice, but I wake up realizing Im never going to see those faces in real life again.  Time does heal alot of it, but it always creeps back in at random times, all the time.  It will never really go away.  So... Im just feeling a little vulnerable right now, thats all. 



  1. Hi laura your dreams are your parents way of still being with you. Of course it's painful when you wake up + realise that they're not still here on Earth but they will be with you always. Hugs x

  2. It's amazing how no matter how good you are at coping with loss, sometimes the slightest reminder can hit you in a way thats incredibly debilitating. Seeing my dad in my dreams, though, also reminds me that he lives on through me and what i do, and something about that gives life and what we do with it much more meaning. Clearly you've already learned this lesson because you really are doing something special!

  3. slipping in to leave some love. i hope that you have some sweet and unexpected sunshine today.


  4. sounds like a great idea! and Im so sorry to hear you have been sad. gosh.. i am so sorry. what can one say..? hardest thing ever im sure.



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