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These pretty layers below are what I wore to Isabel's ballet recital. I loved all of the colors together so much.  All I could think about was that my mom would of loved this outfit.  In a way, I kind of felt like her in it.  This little chiffon sparrow top has been one of my alltime favorite pieces in my closet.  The burgundy piece below is a one piece jumper, and I must admit, I cant stand the way I look in it by itself.  But its soooo cozy and I adore it, wishing I loved it on me as much as I did on the model online...  so I am finding ways to wear it with layers.  This handmade hemp vest from O Bella Organics was the perfect solution.  It covered up all the right spots, and actually made the the look that much cuter.  I just used one of my vintage belts to hold it in place.  Oh, and the ring below is probably my favorite ring ever.  Looks like little birdie tracks.
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chiffon top + ring + bracelet + sandals + jumper // forever 21
handmade vest // o bella organics
belt // vintage
necklace // my mamas

The winner for the Larkin & Larkin horn earrings is:  Joy Ebel

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  1. You look beautiful, I also lone the colours together so pretty.

    Zoe x

  2. Fantastic! I love the outfit, you look amazing!

    Sometimes layering is all a piece needs to make it work!

  3. Your outfit looks so incredibly comfy! And that bike...! I would plant some ivy around it in hopes it would climb and twist its way through it. ;)

    Kayla ☆ http://www.kaylanaut.com

  4. i can definitely see your mother in you, for sure. <3

  5. You are so magical, Laura! I was wondering, do you take your own outfit photos or does your hubby help? If you do them yourself, would you ever consider writing up some tips about how you do it so well?? Much love! Marisa

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  7. You are beautiful!!


  8. Gorgeous pics! Love your hair btw :)

  9. I lovelovelovelovelove the bracelet with the arrows!

  10. This outfit looks so relaxed & comfy. I love the colour palette.

  11. You are beautiful.

    So excited about winning those earrings.
    do i need to send you my address? or how does this work? :)

  12. joy! oh yes, i forgot to post... email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing address. thank you!!!

  13. LOVE the new site! Just beautiful! Also, I knew I should have bought that chiffon top at f21! It's so cute!

  14. This outfit is so gorgeous! I love how it flows.

  15. You look so beautiful. I love your mom's necklace...


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