Blog Outreach - April >>>

During the month of April I started a very small blog outreach with a few of my fellow dear to me bloggers.  They each styled up a piece of jewelry from my Roots and Feathers collection, and they all could not look anymore beautiful.  It is so rewarding to actually see my jewelry on my customers with all different kinds of outfits.  Welcome these talented, creative and beautiful girls to the blog for a monthly feature on this.  

S A V A N N A H   O F   M A I E  D A E

K I N S E Y   O F   S I N C E R E L Y  K I N S E Y

M O O R E A  S E A L

M E L I S S A   O F   B U B B Y  &  B E A N

K E L L Y A N N   O F   T H E   F L O W E R C H I L D   D W E L L I N G



  1. what a fun idea and everyone does look amazing! love the earrings moorea seal is wearing! those are awesome!

  2. They all look beautiful, such gorgeous pieces.

    Zoe x

  3. so, so pretty. and now i have some new faces to follow :)

  4. I love all these blogs.. and the two that i didnt know about.. i will check out.
    My favorite right now is kinsey- she is so pretty and a rad godly woman.. :)

    Im excited for her to have PPP too... maybe she will wear her new PPP dress with her Roots and Feathers... she looks so perfect in all of your jewelry!


  5. Woot! Savannah looks SOOO pretty!
    xo Moorea

  6. Love being a part of this Laura along with such awesome ladies! It's a blessing to be able to wear such gorgeous jewelry. <3

  7. Lovely. So fun to see your work around the blogosphere. What a great feature!

  8. such a good idea! And everyone does look amazing :).

  9. such beautiful women! and I love that you did a little blog outreach! I'm so happy to be sponsoring your blog <3

  10. Gasp! I love seeing this. :D Such pretty jewelry and gorgeous ladies. I wish I was a part of this, hehe! <3 You have fab ideas, miss!

  11. Oh wow, everyone looks lovely! Your pieces are gorgeous, and this was a wonderful idea.

  12. hot hot hawt! Loving the necklace & earrings.


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