Sun on My Face >>>

 Im here with a late night recap of this memorial weekend.  I decided to lay low and soak in some much needed quiet slow times.  One night we bbq'd for dinner and one afternoon we went to the river with some friends.  I did work throughout the weekend in little spurts... but I allowed myself some time in the sun, which was so rewarding.  Violet and Bella really enjoyed me being outdoors alot.  I was a little MIA on the phone... Nanna, Ill call you tomorrow!  I love you!  And... tomorrow Ill be back with an inspiring introduction to my sponsor From Under His Feathers, including a giveaway!

 I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Tomorrow its back to the grind for sure!  Is May really almost over?  This means... my birthday month is next in line... and Ill be turning the big 30.  Im honestly kind of excited to be 30.  Seems like a good solid number.  Although Ive been having feelings of my crazy youthful free spirit wanting to claw its way through my skin... maybe this is why.  Although this time, I think Ill keep my head on my shoulders.  Maybe 30 is the year to find the perfect balance between youthful spontaneity and adult groundedness.  Mmmmm... sounds good to me.  Goodnight.



  1. Your weekend sounds like the right balance. Glad you got some time in the sun! And as for 30, you'll grace it with beauty.
    Catherine Denton

  2. Looks like a great way to kick off summer! And congrats on 30! That's 12 more years than me. You're so young! Embrace it. :)

  3. Wow 30? You look so much younger!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the weekend - such pretty photos!

  5. Glad you had such a restful weekend.

    Amanda Rose

  6. I had a very chill weekend as well and would be happy for just one more day! :). Glad yours was equally relaxing. And the 30s is the best decade! Although I've been in mine for a few years now, I'm just staring to find the youthful free spirit + adult groundedness myself. xoxo

  7. Hi! My birthday is also in June, and im turning 30 too. I am a bit scared and nervous to be honest. 30 just sounds so grown up, and I don´t feel like grown up at all... But at the same time, it kinda feels good too.

  8. Hi Laura!

    Are you using an camera app in these photos? They're wonderful!


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