Isabel's Ballet >>>

Last night we went to my bestie's daughters ballet recital.  She was a little bluebonnet in a Texas themed performance.  Its her second year in ballet and it was so awesome to see how much she has grown from last years dance.  She is the adorable little girl in the middle (third one from the left).  She was sooo happy, and kept looking out into the crowd at everyone just smiling.  The whole production was really good this year.  Besides seeing Isabel's part, my favorite part is when all the little bitty ones come out and all look like deer in the headlights.  Its so cute!
Just like last year, after the recital when she saw everyone in the hall waiting for her, she was so overwhelmed with happiness that tears were rolling down her cheeks.  She is just the sweetest little girl I know.  And she has two of the best parents in the world.  This beautiful blonde above is my best friend in this big old world.  One Im pretty sure will still be till the day we die.



  1. what a total sweetheart! Makes me want to take up ballet again hehehe, she looks like she's enjoying it just so much!


  2. awww truly heart melting! what a pretty bluebonnet. since i live in texas, i can say that. ;)

  3. awww she is adorable!!! what a little sweet angel! i love that you added how she was overwhelmed with happiness that she cried...that would so be me, too. much love, isabel!

  4. Aww so cute!! Dance recitals are so fun!

  5. awesome. :) i loved ballet when i was little. seeing pics like these always bring back fun memories.

  6. I love her! her little tears make me cry too! i love gentle little spirits like hers!
    I also am very happy you have your bff for life. i wished mine lived closer to me.... its such an anchoring feeling to have that one person who knows you down to every detail.

    you are blessed!

  7. Little darlings! I want a tutu like that!

  8. Awww, gorgeous! She looks so adorable & happy, and the costumes are beautiful.


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