DIY - Eclectic Boho Bunting Tutorial

First of all, you may have noticed the blog has a whole new look.  Ive been working super hard in my extra hours lately designing it, and Im so happy with the way it came out.  It is so much more me.  I used all of my own images for the backgrounds and header, which made it so much more personal.  The background image is a quilt my mom made in the 70's.  Let me know what you think of the changes, Id love to know!

I thought it would be fun to kick June off with a fun DIY bunting tutorial.  I wanted to make this bunting for our new house since we found out we got it!  And since i dont have any curtains for my windows yet, it was the perfect little thing to make it cute.  You can make this for any space though.  It would be super cute on a mantel or in a doorway, or even just strung on the wall.

trim, ribbon or really anything for the main part
trinkets, ie: doilies, photos, buttons, feathers, etc.
needle & thread or sewing machine

Sew any parts the need to go together first.  My vintage lace was too short, so I sewed 3 peices together to make it longer.  I also needed to sew the pom poms on the velvet strip.

Once all of your little pieces are put together, lay it all out on a large flat surface and place everything where you want it to go.  This is the fun part.  Change things up until you get it just right in your eyes.

If you want to add a photo (or bookmark like i did), all you need is a hole puncher and yarn.  I just tied it in a loop in one of the holes of the lace.

Pin all of your pieces down so you dont lose their perfect place.  I like to pin it all at once so I dont have to keep coming back to the table for each piece.

And its always nice to let your kitty help you decide too :)

I used vintage ribbon to create two loops on the end for hanging.  You can use anything, yarn, string, ribbon, etc.

For the feather, I just used a needle and thread and pulled it right through the stem, and attached it to the lace.  I wanted it to dangle, so I left a space between the feather and trim.

Then all you have to do is find the perfect spot in your home for your new little bunting!  I love this bunting so much more than a typical fabric bunting (not knocking them, i love them too)... just b/c it can be so personal with your own stuff.  Use stuff that has alot of meaning to you, and you will enjoy it so much when you walk past it and are reminded of great memories!

Now my window just need a pretty curtain!  If you make a bunting, Id love to see it!  Please send me a link if you post it!  And feel free to share this on your blog, just please please link back to this post, thank you!



  1. love the new look :)

    and I love the bunting too - I made some for our house a couple weeks ago!

  2. Love this DIY! Great idea!
    Oh & your blog looks amazing! :)
    xo, Jamie

  3. Love the bunting and love the new blog look! It looks amazing and I am so impressed you did it yourself! I am lost when it comes to that kind of computer stuff:)

  4. The new look is awesome! :) Love the bunting too. My sister made fabric buntings for her wedding a few weeks ago. I thought it was such a nice unique touch to her little handmade wedding! :)

  5. That is super cute! How come if I did this it would look like a 3 year old made it?? Ahhh!

    Janette, the Jongleur

  6. Really cute!!!!

    I have a blog about sewing,tutorials,fashion,vintage!

    Have a look!

  7. Laura, Love, love love your blog's new look! And that bunting is incredible! I want to make one with my kiddos!

  8. so sweet.
    and i LOVE the new blog design!! so much. it's lovely.

  9. A.maz.ing!!! This is absolutely wonderful:)

  10. oooooooooooh i LOOOOVE the new look! SO CUTE! and i'm gonna make one of these for my living room! thanks for the constant inspiration!

  11. Thank you for the tutorial, it looks so beautiful and just the perfect accent for any room <3

  12. Love, Love, Love the new blog design. Totally jealous of your sweet header!

  13. oh Laura! I just love your knew blog design! It's so beautiful! :)
    Thanks for sharing this diy I love how it turned out...

  14. Laura, what an honor it was to see the "family" lace gracing a window in your new home. Karen was pleased her mother's careful hand work has found such a lovely home. Lura (her late mother) made the lace during the war in Germany. She was an epileptic and not allowed to play outside so she spent hours making lace and doing other fancy needle work.

  15. laura, im so honored to have used it in a personal home project. i love it so much. so special! its making my house super pretty :)

  16. Your blog looks beautiful. I'm completely envious of your skills. I wish I knew enough to completely personalize my blog.

    The bunting is just lovely. I've been making my own, but nothing quite as unique as this. I'll have to give it a try. <3

  17. The blog is looking SO lovely - it's so very you! :) And I love the bunting, I can't wait to make my own! I have so many crocheted doilies and pretty things that my great grandmother made that would be just perfect for this. Thanks for sharing, sweet lady. <3

  18. ohh my kitty always helps when I sew too! they are so clever like that ;)

  19. i love the quilt in the background! its so pretty and it matches your style!! good work!

  20. Great Job Laura!!! I love the bunting...did not know that it was called that though. I had made one a while ago using colored embroidery thread and cotton balls. I hang it under my mantel. It is so colorful and fun.
    Yours is so cool too...I just love your work.

  21. I love the new blog look!
    PS. Your kitty is so beautiful :)

  22. This is adorable! I think I'm going to make some bunting this weekend...

    Katie x

  23. Laura, your bunting is too cute! and the new blog look is stunning - kudos!


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