This is going to be an eventful day...

I have been a bit MIA for the past two days.  Ive been working super hard on getting out a large order for the lovely Ruche. (which by the way has another beautiful lookbook out) As well as a few other orders.  And all the while, thinking about my upcoming new line for Roots and Feathers.  Today I am doing a photoshoot for it, and honestly, Im nervous.  Even though it is just me and the camera.  I never know what Im going to get.  The background is already completely different than what I had envision, which is always how it goes.  I have to work with the materials I have on hand.  But Im sure in the end it will all turn out just fine.  Im my own worst critic, I know this.  

So today entails finishing up my Ruche order, a HUGE photoshoot, cleaning house for company, Tarentino movie night with friends, making homeade pizza crust... I have my hands full!  But I really wanted to squeeze in a little hello here on the blog before I dove into it all.  These photos are from yesterday.  We had a ton of errands to run in the city.  The last way we like to spend our afternoons, especially after James has been awake for work since 3 in the morning.  But we got through it!  I also got to nab some curtains I have been obsessively eyeing at World Market.  Im in love, Ill take a pic later.  the. perfect. curtains.

Drooling over the new Anthropologie catalog on the way.  Just being a typical girl here, but I wish my hair looked like hers, and I wish I could afford some of those digs!  So pretty...

James and I are in love with shopping at Whole Foods when we get the chance.  There are so many reasons why.  He even works at HEB (a texas grocery store), but we find ourselves miserable everytime we have to shop there.  Its crowded, the people are not happy, the service is usually horrible, things are always in a different place, they look at you like you are an irritant or crazy when you ask for paper bags, etc, etc.  Whole Foods is so relaxed, everyone is happy and helpful, they only use paper bags, and they ask you if you need ice for your cold stuff, you can get fresh awesome & healthy smoothies for the ride home, and their selection of organic products of course is just much greater than HEB.  You do have to be careful not to crazy in there b/c there is so much fun stuff, but when we just get what we need, we are not spending anymore than we would at HEB.  I wish so badly there was one closer to us that James could go work at.  It would be the happiest day to get him out of HEB.  But until then...

Off to start this crazy awesome full day!  I cannot wait to launch my new line, Roots and Feathers, on June 14th. 



  1. gahhhh, i LOVE whole foods, too. don't you just feel like a celebrity when you walk in? like you're in this other world of chic, earthy, and cool.

    i'm a dork. :P

    can't wait to see your new curtains and your new line, Roots and Feathers! sending love today.

  2. You'll do awesome in your photo shoot. Don't over think it. Good luck!

    And I can't wait to see those curtains!

  3. The colors in your outfit are so beautiful! :)

  4. I adore Whole Foods. I have a hard time sticking to a list when I'm there though. I almost always walk out much poorer than when I went in. Totally worth it though! :)


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