Roots and Feathers shop...

I talked to my Nanna on the phone this morning and she let me know that I had not posted a link to my new etsy shop, so she has not been able to see the actual jewelry for sale!  um, duh laura....  Made me realize that only my facebook friends have actually seen the new shop, sorry guys!  I still only have about half of the items posted.  Ive been so happy with everyone's response to the new line.  It really makes my heart warm.  So nanna, please click here to see my new shop!

These are just a few items in the shop, and some are already gone.  Most of the items in this shop are one of a kind, with the exception of some earrings and rings.  I can do custom orders though on certain items. 

And if you have not already, please stop by and visit my lovely sponsors this month, they have some super adorable stuff!  Throughout the rest of the month I will be posting some features by them!  



  1. Really gorgeous!


  2. Love, love, love it ALLLLLL!!!! Can't wait to wear my new earrings! ;) Love you and so proud of you!!! xo

  3. They look so amazing! Great job. I think I may need to order some!

    A Collection of Passions

  4. The last item is my favorite. It's like a piece of home you can carry with you wherever you go.

  5. wow i am not sure which one i love more! they are all fantastic! will out them on my favorite list!


  6. oh laura, the new collection is so beautiful.
    i found your blog a month or so ago and i cannot stop reading. just wanted to tell you that i love this space and everything you have going on right now.
    you seem like such a sweet genuine person. :)


  7. I love this collection, so many great pieces. My Best friend iris would love all the items so i'm going to send her the link! Thanks for sharing.

  8. i cannot wait to get my Honey earrings from you! SO EXCITED. omg... the necklace with the feather in the glass bottle is AMAZING! i wish i could buy more from you right now! you're awesome!

  9. Bless your Nana for spotting that!
    I love everything. My favorite was the dream catcher, but I see some lucky lady already nabbed that. Best of luck Laura, such beautiful creations.


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