This weeks behind the scenes...

First of all, I want to say a big genuine thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post for Violet.  The love was really felt.  She has been home since this morning, and is adjusting to being inside all day okay so far.  She has slept most of the day.  She doesnt seem to be acting like she is feeling really bad, so that made me feel better.  She was definitely happy to be home.  So thank you, and Ill keep you posted along the way!

We left our movie pallet on the floor from last weekend up all week.  Bella loves it.  There is a corner of the quilt that she just freaks out on out of nowhere, and gets all frisky.  Its so cute.  She was just looking way too adorable to not snap some photos of the other day.  Do you spy her daddy napping on the couch in the background?  he he.

Im kind of always snapping random photos around the house with my phone now.  Im a bit obsessed with my phone camera.  Ive collected a bunch of sticks for my dreamcatchers.  I love walking in the woods picking just the right ones.  And everytime I catch a glance at my mom's dreamcatcher, it makes me happy.  Its so big and beautiful.

We had to go back to the sprint store two more times this past week, so we went to our favorite coffee shop close by both times.  It was weird going there 3 times in less than 2 weeks b/c we usually only get to go every other month or so.  It was fun!  and yummy...  We are still in the middle of trying to figure our internet stuff out.  Our first bill was outrageous!  So we are debating, but not really getting anywhere with it.  So between that and little miss violet's vet bill, this month has been insanely expensive.  Not to mention, I think I broke our coffee maker this morning, and my car battery died again this morning.  This has not really been our week,  at all.

Fortunately, I had lots of things to package up and ship off.  I actually brought it over to the kitchen table so I could keep it organized.  I love having a nice clean space to ship from.  It drives me nuts when I have too much stuff going on and my desk is all messy and then I have to ship!  And I love my new feather stamp!  Im still waiting for my Roots and Feathers cards to get here, so for now everyone is getting Violet Bella cards :)

And, um.... I wore my Doors shirt again!  Can somebody please come over here and pry it off of me???  I could probably wear this shirt every day of my life and be happy.  And its made me realize how much I love grey.  And yep, Im wearing SAS shoes, no offense nanna, but they are old lady shoes, ha ha.  But i LOVE them!  They are so comfy!  And this necklace is about to be listed in my Roots and Feathers shop!

And we finally had our movie night with friends!  We watched Pulp Fiction, had yummy adult beverages and ate caramel popcorn.  Pretty perfect.  Jen, Jonny & Tia are some of our best friends.  We always feel so at ease when we are around them, and James talks more than Ive ever heard him talk in my life when he is around them, its so cute.  They are always up for any kind of adventure and have just about the sweetest hearts Ive ever known.  Love them.

My birthday is in one week, I just realized!  It will be my last year in my 20's!!!  Time to start planning a party!



  1. I could literally be giddy to just recieve a package from you. It is just a gift in itself and BEAUTIFULLY thought out and it is the "front show" of your jewelry. I love it!!! Thank you for putting so much time into it!! I am sure that I am not the only one that feels this way!!!!

  2. Poor Violet! She's in my heart and prayers. And so are you, love... I hope everything gets sorted out. Money worries are so stressful. My birthday is on the 23rd, and your Josephine necklace is on my wishlist. ;) So pretty.

    P.S. My mom's cousin, John, was the drummer for The Doors! She has so many stories about them from when she was growing up. So rad.


  3. I love bella, she is so beautiful!

  4. tori, thank you so much! you are so sweet!

    kelly ann, my bday is the 25th! no wonder we have such kindred souls! and i would love for you to have a roots and feathers piece, goodness! and that is so rad about your mom's cousin, i bet the stories are wild and amazing. a probably a bit sad. xo.

    diane, thanks sweetie!

  5. I am slightly obsessed with your blog :)

    I love the pictures and your crafty soul and love to read and look your blog for inspiration into my own life and crafts.

    You seem like such a fun and free spirit! I'd love to add more of that into my life!

    Keep doin what you're doing, cause I'll keep reading :)


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