My birthday wishlist...

Since it's my birthday week, I thought Id share of few of the things on my wishlist.  I always have an ever-rotating storage of things that would make me smile if I had them.  Things I dont really need, but would love...  So I picked three for my body and three for my home to share with you.

1. I adore this dress from Ruche.  I really have not been a big fan of the one shoulder look on most garments, but when I saw this dress I fell in love.  It swayed me to the other side.

2.  And this dress is also from Ruche and one of my most recent favorited items.  I love the simple style of this dress and the pattern is beautiful.

3.  These shoes are on my wishlist in a big way.  I know they are knock offs of some amazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but I honestly could never afford the real deal.  I found these on ebay, and one day... I will snatch them up!

4.  For my home, Id love these 3 prints below.  Im super picky about the art I put in my home.  This print made by Charmaine Olivia is just stunning.  I love her work.
5.  I have been a fan of Tel Aviv's work for some time.  Her etsy shop Tushtush is definitely a favorite.  This is one of her semi recent works.  I saw it as an original and asked her if she was going to make it a tiny print, and she did!  I would love to collect several of these tiny prints to display in our home over time.  Starting with this one.

6.  I think this bird and teapot print would look adorable in my kitchen.  I love the colors and the feather.  So sweet.



  1. Ohhhhh, I totally want that second dress and those shoes!!!! Amazing!

  2. Great list! I really want those shoes! Where did you find those?


  3. I hope you will get them all!

    p.s. i like ruche shop also. they have nice dresses for sure!

  4. Oh my goodness, those shoes & that last print-LOVE! :) Happy almost birthday! ;)

  5. It is my birthday tommorrow! what a nice birthday list! i would be happy with any of those goodies! but I'm getting a tree for our new house and having a lazy evening. Happy Birthday Week to us both!~margo

  6. i'm definitely digging the one shoulder dress- there is another one shoulder dress from Ruche that i just love! http://www.shopruche.com/saccharine-savannah-one-shoulder-dress-p-7420.html?zenid27=0823e5b6e18cfa44cddc70c3aa7c4389

  7. If you are so against copycats, why would you buy a knock-off of anything and support copycat designers??

  8. oh i love those dresses!! (how do you like neg. people crashing your party??)


  9. thanks everyone! as far as the shoes go and buying knock offs, i do believe its a different ball park when you are dealing with small handmade artists in the same community than major designer shoes. as far as that goes, so many shoes are garments we buy from retail chains are knock offs of big expensive designers. i completely admire jeffrey campbell and his shoe line, but i could never afford to spend over $200 on a pair of shoes. i see nothing wrong with buying a pair similar found for $30. i may be wayyyyy off, and forgive me if i am being just a hypocrite in your eyes, but i think this is a completely different ballpark.

  10. The bird and teapot print is SO pretty! I agree. It would look really nice in a kitchen or dining room! I love the color combination.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!