Crafty gifts from friends...

The other day I received two wonderful packages from two of my current sponsors this month.  I have come to know both of these girls to find they are super sweet and very crafty.  They are good friends in real life and do alot of crafty things together, like craft shows and photoshoots for their products together.  Both of their work compliments each other so well.  I can only imagine that it is great fun to be able to do this with one of your girlfriends.

I was waiting to receive a box of hand me down clothes from Leah of Sookie Says and she sent along this sweet little headband she made for me as an extra goodie.  Its darling, and James said he really liked it, which I thought was cute.  Sometimes the things I think he will totally hate, he surprises me and tells me its cute. 

And as soon as I saw Tia of A Cup of T post her new collection of embroidered vintage fabric earrings, I fell in love.  She made me this custom pair.  I picked the fabric/thread combo and requested a larger size, and they came out perfect.  You must check out this little collection, they are just soooo sweet.  And speaking of these two ladies, there will be a feature of them coming soon!

And speaking of getting things in the mail, today I received one of the most sweetest gifts ever, but I must wait until I snap a proper photo, and you will know why when I post it!  Can I just say, I LOVE MY JOB.  I have met so many wonderful people along the way b/c of it.  Seriously the relationships I have formed with so many people across the world are outstanding.  Yes, I occasionally get the bad apple who leaves a rude comment here, but those people I could care less about.  Im about quality, not quantity.  I dont care how many people read my blog.  I just love that I have made friends with so many people who do.  Its one of the biggest perks of my job and I feel truly blessed in this community of amazing people.



  1. The headband is so perfect on you! I knew that color would look so good with your brown hair! Thanks for sharing the pics, this made my day! I told tia i love all the crafting love and friend connections that have come from just our triangle of friendship! It makes me smile!

  2. both are so awesome and look sooo good on you!


  3. Those earrings are so you! Both so cute :)

  4. Just started reading your blog and am enjoying it so much! I actually made your diy crocheted envelope last night for a close friend that I pen pal with across the country and it turned out adorably! Both the headband and the earrings included in this post are super cute. Yay handmade goodness!

  5. tara, thank you so much! did you take a photo of it? my sponsor from last month is the one who created that, she would love to know this! thank you!

  6. Love the headband on you and I am going to check those earrings out. This Funky Mommy loves funky earrings!

  7. Those earrings are soooo pretty! Gosh. I guess Ill have to add them to the list of "wants"! :)

  8. LOVE IT.


  9. I love your layout and these accessories are super cute :)

  10. http://www.flickr.com/photos/39686120@N05/5864799360/


    No problem. It was really fun and I can't wait to give it as a gift!


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