Food munchies for the week...

 I love days when I enjoy what I am eating.  It doesnt happen everyday around here.  But when it does, I sort of have an obsession photographing my food.  I rather enjoy food photography.  Maybe its because there are so many colors and textures going on.  Not sure, but I love it.  So on this weeks menu, I had...

A La Madeline's inspired meal... grilled cheese sandwiches on rosemary bread with manchego, white cheddar and pepper jack cheese, fresh garden basil & pesto basil spread.  pesto penne & bowtie pasta with cherry tomatoes.  tomato soup with parmesan cheese.  Maybe a bit heavy on the pesto and tomatoes, but in my opinion, you really cant have too much of either of those. 

 For lunch one day I had a grape leaf wrapped rice, hummus, stonewheat crackers, white cheddar cheese, watermelon & honeydew.  A yummy but a bit odd combination of foods...

For a snack, I had the world's largest strawberries with agave nectar!  Seriously these babies were huge, the photo is deceiving.  This is a normal size bowl, not a cup!

And while working one day I snacked on quinoa and cherry tomatoes.  The easiest little snack, love this stuff!

And one guilty pleasure you will see in my hands quite often is Annie's cheddar bunnies.  I could eat these everyday.  Their cuteness over rides the not-so-good-for-you-by-the-boxful-ness of them...

What are some of your favorite snacks to eat?  Im always looking for healthy easy things to fix myself.  I live with a boy who does not eat veggies at all.  Loves meat and bread and pasta.  So while he is at work, I usually like to eat light random snack foods throughout the day.



  1. I love taking pictures of food too! It just is so appealing. I never get to make stuff that good! tehee you take such lovely pictures :D

  2. Sounds delicious : )

    On the snack front I like a good blueberry bagel every now and then. Otherwise my guilty pleasure is a Pink Lady apple sliced thin, and dipping the slices in honey - it's divine.

  3. That all looks so delicious! I just recently gave up meat and the boyfriend was less than thrilled. He loves to cook and he LOVES meat lol. We have had to rethink our cooking =)

  4. Mmm now I want tomato soup and a grilled cheese with basil. Good thing I'm running to the store today so I can pick up some of the lovely tomato basil soup they have in the organic section. :) I love your food choices. I need to get back into posting mine when I really enjoy them. Helps keep me on track!

  5. I'm a big fan of homemade iced tea (with fresh lemon and agave or honey) and homemade lemonade...my next project is to made a raspberry mint lemonade!

    One thing that is delicious is a fried tomato...not green, but red. Wait until it is very ripe! Season it, and grill it...soooo good!

    I'm also a fan of juicing vegetables and fruits...especially cucumber, beets, ginger, lemon & carrots.

    YUMMMMM :)

  6. They all look super yummy, i could totally go for the soup and grilled cheese right now!


  7. Nice photos, all lokking so tasty mmmmmmm!

  8. Gorgeous photos! Looks so amazing!
    I also love your blog design. Do you design other peoples blogs too?

  9. Yum! That pesto salad looks so yummy! I love grilled cheese on rosemary bread. Great photo's of your food.

  10. thanks girls! it was a yummy week :) and no, i dont do others blog design, but thank you! this took up wayyyyy too much of my time, ha ha!

  11. i love going to whole foods and trying different kinds of cheeses. my favorite is a seaside cheddar ~ sharp and almost sweet. we are also addicted to what i lovingly call fire cheese. i don't remember it's official term ~ something buffalo i think? ~ and it is a cheddar with cayenne and peppers and all kinds of flamey stuff that will make you gasp and cry and reach for more. i have a new one in my fridge we haven't tried yet. it's called barely buzzed and is a white cheddar from ...goodness, i can't remember, but it is rubbed with ground coffee and lavender. i can't wait to try it. :-)

    in non-dairy items, i love freshly charred kale with garlic and olive oil, and baby carrots with hummus or guacamole.

    you can also make a DIVINE dip using peanut or almond butter and mixing in soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, a little agave / honey / brown sugar (your sweetener of choice...just a little to taste), salt, chili or black pepper (optional). this keeps forever in the fridge and is handy for dipping carrots, celery, broccoli, red bell pepper slices, etc. lots of flavor and protein.

    your food photos are scrumptious!

  12. My favorite snack food are Smart Puffs. They are a healthier cheese puff but of course I have a hard time not eating the entire bag at one sitting. Not sure if it is still healthy in large quantities. lol

    Your food choices look fantastic!

  13. those strawberries look INCREDIBLE! haha


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