Group Sponsor Giveaway...

One lucky girl is going to be the winner of all of these goodies!  My sponsors have been sweet enough to offer up these awesome items just for my readers.  All you need to do is visit each of their shops below, then comment on this post with your favorite item from each of their shops.  Good luck!

Tia of A Cup of T is giving away two items!  This adorable floral hair bow, and these hand embroidered earrings.  I have a pair myself that I absolutely love.  These ones are more petite, but just as cute!

Hiya, Violet Bella readers! I'm Liz from Donna's Decembers. Even though my blog focuses mostly on crochet crafts, I love anything DIY. When I have an idea and can't seem to figure out the process to make it come to life, my craft book library is the first place I go to. Today I wanted to share a bit of my library with you and giveaway 4 of my most favorite and all-encompassing craft books!

Learn to Crochet by Sally Harding-- This is a short and sweet intro guide to crochet. There are cute and easy projects included to help get you and your hook started!

Knitorama by Rachael Matthews-- Don't be fooled, this book isn't only for knitters! This collection of patterns is fun, quirky, and a twist to your regular knitting or crocheting. It will definitely lend you a lot of laughs and a lot of inspiration!

The Big-Ass Book of Crafts by Mark Montano-- You may know Mark Montano from one of his many shows on TLC. Mr. Montano provides clear, easy to understand directions and really pretty glossy photos to guide you along your DIY adventure :)

Greystone's Creative Hands #3-- This book is the third in a collection of twenty two! Published in 1966, I hope you'll find this a vintage resource that you can bring to life! The directions and photos are to die for, I promise! 

Leah of Sookie Says is giving away $25 store credit to anything in her shop!  She has adorable handmade clothing with lots of doily accents, along with a cute collection of vintage.  She has a new upcoming vintage shop called Suds In A Bucket!  

Nicole of Cottage In The Wood's is giving away any one of her prints of her original artwork in her shop.  Not only does she have original artwork, but she makes the cutest leg warmers and cloth diapers for babies, along with handmade clothing! 

Be sure to follow the one rule above to be given a chance to win all of these goodies!



  1. Cup of t _ Sweet Boutique headband
    Donnas Decembers _ Razzle dazzle rose bracelet
    Sookie says _ Polka dot dress vintage
    cottage in the woods _ Maude

    Those are my faves! Hope I win!

  2. A Cup Of T : Indian Summer Necklace
    Donna's Decembers: Spring Green Infinity Cowl
    Sookie Says : Pretty polkadot dress
    Cottage In The Woods: Bohemian Burgundy Pink Floral Sweater Dress

  3. This is an amazing giveaway!

    Here are my favorites:

    A Cup Of T: Indian Summer Necklace
    Donna's Decembers: Turquoise & Silver Lace Necklace
    Sookie Says: Black crochet doily pink and gray Dress
    Cottage In The Woods: Cecilia Blossom Pink Clips

  4. A Cup Of T: Baby Blue Bouquet Headband
    Donna's Decembers: Bow Scarf
    Sookie Says: Lilac & Tan Doily Burnout Tee
    Cottage In The Woods: Beer Knurd San Antonio Tube Dress

    & Kudos to All of You! -Definite Creative Individuals!!!!

  5. A CUP OF TEA:I love those fantastic wall-art pieces you make, because I've never seen anything similar before in my country (I'm from Spain). Be sure that the "Indian Summer necklace" is my favourite item of your shop. It's perfect for almost every look you may be wearing!
    DONNA'S DECEMBERS: I dare say her "landscape statement scarf" is the most suitable for my style, because I'm not used to wear crochet goodies (when I was in Poland I bought a summer cotton beret, just like those you show here and It doesn't fit me at all...). It's something new for me but this item has the ideal mixture of colours I could dress with. I love it!
    SOOKIE SAYS: I choose the "navy draw string scrapdress" as my favourite. It remembers to me the type of quilts and patchwork pieces my mother makes (I'll send some pics to you in the future, so you can figure up the type of bags and cushions she handmakes. They're so beautiful!
    COTTAGE IN THE WOODS: I've felt impressed by the prints there, so real and detailed, but the truth is that I'd like to have a baby (or a pregnant friend of mine at least!) just to see the little person wearing the cutest diapers in the world! I suppose the "lime green daisies" are my favourite but it's difficult for me to choose, sorry!
    Thank you very much.
    Best wishes from Spain.

  6. cup of t-flower headband
    donnas decembers-jewel crochet pillow
    sookie says-rainbow doily
    cottage in the woods-babydoll bib t shirt

  7. A Cup Of T: Flowing Lace Headband, followed closely by the Indian Summer Necklace
    Donna's Decembers: Grass Cowl, but it was difficult, I really love her statement scarves too!
    Sookie Says: rainbow doily babydoll shirt (I like her use of doilies!)
    Cottage In The Woods: Kate headband, even if I really really like the fiona one and the Amanda clip with strawberries

  8. A Cup of T - Bunting Wall Art

    Donna's Decembers - Green Bow Headband

    Sookie Says - navy drawstring scrapdress

    Cottage In The Woods - Frances - Cornflower Blue and Tea Green Silk Flower Headband

    These are my favourites :)


  9. A Cup of T - Mini Vintage Floral Wall Art

    Donna's Decembers - I love the summer cotton beret hat in yellow!

    Sookie Says - I like the shirt you displayed in this post :)

    Cottage in the Woods - I like the Adia headband :)

    tomakelovestay [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. A Cup of T- I Do Wall Art

    Donna's Decembers- Cream Lace Necklace

    Sookie Says- Pretty Polkadot Dress Vintage... but I loved her doily sweatshirts that are now sold out!!

    Honeyburns- Teal and Black Floral Peasant Top

    good_mary @ yahoo . com

  11. Hmm.. decisions, decisions. Okay.

    A Cup of T - Green Floral Flower Headband.. seems so perfect for simple, love the yarn, I bet it would look cute braided into your hair.

    Donna's Decembers - Lilac Fields Infinity Cowl. The end. It's my favorite color ever. It actually makes me want fall weather to be here even though I'm so enjoying the summer months.

    Sookie Says - Retro-Style Polyester Shirt in Mint. I love this shirt! Usually I'm not one for polyester, but I think this shirt is so cute and funky

    Cottage In The Wood's - Purple & Blue Peacock Purse. Perfect for bringing to the market on the weekends!

  12. Ooohh so much to choose from!

    A Cup of T- I love the blue bow that us shown in the picture. There would be many things it would match in my closet!
    Donna's Decembers- The books are going to be fun looking through them!
    Sookie Says- That mint green retro shirt is to die for!!
    Cottage in the Woods- That peacock repurposed purse
    Is amazing!

    Hope I win!

    xoxo Callie

  13. What great sponsers!

    A Cup of T: Doily Love Wall Art
    Donna's December: Jewel Crochet Pillow
    H0neyburn: Bread Kneading Print
    Sookiesays : Everything! Especially the pretty polkadot dress

    Love your blog!

    amyrhenderson @ gmail.com

  14. Love your new-look site, Laura! Great giveaways too :D

    My faves from your lovely sponsors are:

    A Cup of T - Doily Love Wall Art. So cute, and I have the perfect spot for it at my house!

    Donna's Decembers - So hard to choose! I think the Cream Infinity Cowl (although all the little flowers and bows are adorable!)

    Sookie Says - Oh the cute polka dot vintage dress!

    Cottage in the Woods - Penny Lane wheat brown blossoms, so many things to do with them!!

  15. Hello Adorable!
    I love the Sweet Bouquet Headband from A Cup Of T.

    The crochet pillows are absolutely to die for from Donna's Decembers.

    Sookie Says, the rainbow doily is awesome.

    Cottage in the woods,all of it! But the peacock purse is my favorite.

  16. Cup of T - I love all this, so inspiring. I would definitely love the flowing lace headband.

    Donna's - Again, so cute! I love the brightness! My choice? Fig Cowl.

    SookieSays - One thing? Are you kidding me?! Gonna say "pretty polkadot dress vintage" please.

    Cottage in the Woods - How precious are you?! I love the peacock purse!

  17. What great stuff! Here are my favorites:

    Donna's Decembers - LOVE those crotchet lace necklaces! So cute.

    Sookie Says - Her navy drawstring scrapdress is to die for, omg.

    Cottage in the Woods - All of her floral hair accesories are simply adorable!

    A Cup of T - I love the bunting wall art!

  18. A Cup Of T : Indian Summer Necklace
    Donna's Decembers: Jewel Crochet Pillow
    Sookie Says : Boho pillowcase tie halter
    Cottage In The Woods: Beer knurd tube dress

    I love everything!!

  19. So hard to pick just one favorite from each shop! :)

    A Cup Of Tea: Mini Vintage Floral Wall Art

    Donna's Decembers: Jewel Crochet Pillow

    SookieSays: Pretty Polkadot Dress Vintage

    Cottage In The Woods: Bread Kneading Acrylic Painting

  20. Cup of Tea: Sweet Bouquet Headband

    Donna's Decembers: Jewel Crochet Pillow

    SookieSays: Sweet Half Sleeve Purple Dress

    Cottage In The Woods: Adia - Fuchsia Pink and Purple Roses Silk Flower Headband

  21. Tough to choose favorites from all these great sponsors, but I'll go with:

    Doily Wall Art from ACupT

    Jewel Crochet Pillow from Donna's Decembers

    Rainbow Doily Babydoll Shirt from Sookie Says

    Bread Kneading Art by Cottage in the Woods

  22. My favorite a cup of T item is the Baby Blue Bouqeet headband. My fave Donna's Decembers item is the Moonstone crochet bracelet. My favorite Sookie Says item is the navy drawstring scrapdress. And my fave Cottage in the Woods print is A Walk in the Woods. Awesome giveaway! :)

  23. hard choice!!

    A Cup of T - Mini Vintage Floral Wall Art

    Donna's Decembers- Cream Lace Necklace

    Sookie Says: rainbow doily babydoll shirt

    Cottage In The Woods: Beer Knurd San Antonio Tube Dress

  24. Cup of T's wall art and headbands are to die for!
    I love Donna December's Green Bow Headband!
    Sookies vintage gems make my heart happy!
    Honeyburn's floral hair accessories are making me swoony!!

  25. A Cup of T - Vintage Lace Wall Art!
    Donna's Decembers - Jewel Crochet Pillow!
    Sookie Says - Plum Grape Doily Flutter top!
    Honeyburn - Cecilia Cherry Blossom Clips!

    Awesome giveaway! Good luck to everyone! :)

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  27. Wow,so many goodies,wonderful.

    I like

    A cup of tea-Sweet floral lace wall art

    Donna's December -Jewel crochet pillow

    Sookie Says-Vintage robe blue and red

    Cootage in the woods-Melissa - Cornflower Blue and Light Purple Silk Flower Headband

    Everything is so wonderful and hard to choose and the giveaway is so wonderful and generous.

  28. My favorites would have to be:
    A cup of T: Blue Bow Love
    Donna's December: jewel crochet pillow
    Sookie Says: Polka Dot Vintage Dress
    Honeyburn: Breastfeeding Toddler print

  29. What an awesome giveaway! Hard to pick just one item per sponser. The shops were very inspiring :)

    -A Cup of T <3 Flowing Lace Headband
    -Donna's Decembers <3 Landscape Statement Scarf
    -Sookie Says <3 Lovely Repurposed Vintage Half Apron Floral
    -Cottage In The Wood's <3 Adore the Silk Clips and Floral Headbands. Nichole Michelle is my favorite.

  30. My fav items are:

    A cup of T -> The bunting wall art
    Donna´s Decembers -> sage medallion & bronse lace necklace
    Sookie says -> Vintage half apron floral
    honeyburn -> prairirie girl leg warmers


  31. cup of t- indian summer necklace
    donnas decembers- landscape statement scarf
    sookie says- boho pillowcase tie halter
    cottage in the woods- burgady/ponk sweater dress
    super cute stuff out there!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!