A Time For Love...

After yesterday's not so fun post, I needed to create my space here with some light & pretty images full of creativity and love.  After reading every comment on my last post, and being overwhelmed with the response, I feel fully confirmed in knowing I am not just being crazy about this situation.  It feels like someone came into my home and stole all of my most precious things and took them home to put on their own walls, and then told everyone who came by that they were their own family heirlooms.  Its such a weird feeling.

But, I have allowed this girl to eat me up for too long now.  She is not deserving of any of my energy, even negative energy.  She will get what she deserves in the end.  I have known people like that throughout my life, and trust me, I have seen them burn bridge after bridge until they are left standing alone.  You do not create a life full of love and honesty by living that way.

So, like most of you have encouraged me, I am taking this situation and turning it into something beautiful.  Isnt that what I always tell you guys to do with hard life situations?  I would be a hypocrite if I did not do the same thing here.  I have allowed myself to become a ball of stress over the past few weeks, between her, the unknowing of moving and packing, friends and families situations, and now japan.  It is time I allow myself to shed these things and breathe lightly for a while again.  It is starting to effect me at home, and I cant allow that to happen anymore.  So, lets move on to some happy things!

I have been creating these beautiful crochet vests for a magazine called Cowboys and Indians.  It is in the Miranda Lambert issue.  I originally started making them for my shop, you may remember this awesome photoshoot I did as a sort of advertisement for them.  Well, before they even made it into the shop, a local shop owner snatched them up and sent one off to the magazine to see if they would publish it out of tons of prospective clients and items.  And it made it!  So, needless to say, I have to spend most of my time making them for them, and not for my own shop.  But they can be special ordered through Gunslinger online or by phone.  As soon as it settles down, Id love to make some for my own shop in fun colors!  I cant wait.  I made this one below for my bestie out of her great grandmothers linens.  I think its the prettiest one so far!  I of course had to try it out before sending it off to her :)  I wore it out for my daddy's b-day outing at the wine bar.

I think the back floral piece is my favorite part of this one.  And the back crochet piece has a bird on it.

I wore my mom's sandels with this outfit, I love them so much.  She had them for like 20 years.

Bella was hanging out on the porch while we were taking some photos, so we gave her some camera love too :)

And then we gave each other some camera love.  Which we havent done in far too long.

Here is one for Cowboys and Indians.  Each one is different and unique but all with neutral tones.

I made some new fun long layering earrings this week too!  They should be up in the shop soon.

and of course, phone camera love.  I wish I had my own phone that took pics like this, Id go crazy with it!  I have to steal my boy's phone when he is around.

Thank you again to everyone who showed their support on my last post.  Means the world to me.



  1. Laura,
    You are so amazing, girl. I love your "go for it" attitude and your craftsmanship is amazing (I have said that from the begining!) I love that you are so unique and your ideas are ONE of a kind!
    I love your mom's sandals. My mother and I have the same size feet and I love sinkin' my feet into her shoes...hard shoes to fill, but it sure is comforting.
    Keep your ideas going and dont stop designing and making!!!

  2. Perfect way to put something behind you, make a post about positive things :) I adore those vests, especially the second one you posted, you seriously have such unique designs, it's super inspiring and I'd buy that in a second if I came across it in a store!

  3. Don't let others get to you, it's going to happen, you just have to be the bigger person.
    You're beautiful, just thought you should know.
    That mustard owl is delightful!
    Your vests are amazing!

  4. Oh, how I long for one of those vests. I had to back away from that gunslinger shop, haha. My inner prairie girl could go wild in there.

  5. dear Laura; after yesterday I can feel you are at peace with yourself again. You let go. . . and in a way you forgive! It took strength and courage to let go of something the universe knew was not fair,and today is a new day because Life and your goals expanded in direct proportion to your courage to forgive. Your choice of writting what you ned to say move you closer to what you desire mind over body and further away from that negative person. There is no middle ground. Change is constant. Violet Bella is full of unconditional Love ; )blessings Joana Zoe

  6. Holy smokes, the vests are AMAZING. So beautiful, when does the magazine come out? I love when I see your macrame owl, reminds me of when I was a little girl doing macrame projects with my mom.

  7. OOoooo I love those vests! And I love your Momma's shoes! And I love those earrings! And James and you are so stinkin cute! Ahhhhh. I love you. XOXOXO. You'll always be my sister. Once we get another vehicle I am GOING to visit you more often! :D

  8. thanks everyone! the magazine is already out on the stands :)

  9. Wow you look so lovely with this vest.I absolutely likes your style- Mom's shoes too ;D
    ♥ Milla

  10. The vests are gorgeous! You are so talented :) I'm also in love with those earrings. I want a pair!! :)

  11. So pretty!!!!


  12. Those vests are out of this world awesome! Love it.

  13. you look beautiful in all these pictures. don't let anything get you down--and keep it up, making those amazing little vests. i love the feather accent..

  14. The vests are beautiful. I love the idea behind using your family heirlooms to create something special to wear. You are amazing!

    Yay for James posing for some pictures!!

    Love the new earrings too girl!

  15. Keep doing what you do. Everyone i'm sure will tell you to try and not let it bug you, but you are only human. That person obviously has some issues!

  16. Can't decide which I love more the vest or cat. The cat.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  17. wowzas! im loving those vests like nobody's business! amazing work!!!

  18. so proud of you :). keep it up- you simply rock!<3

  19. love that you have turned it into a positive - good on you!!! I would find it so hard but good on you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crochet vests!!!! sigh.....sooooo gorgeous!! keep on being your beautiful creative self!
    love ya

  20. Your amazing and congrats
    I love the dress you have on, where might i find one

  21. the dress im wearing is a skyline fever dress, but it was a sample to see if we liked it, we did, but now they are not available anymore!!!

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  24. You are such an amazing person and designer! I love the cowboys and Indians vest. And I absolutely love your moms shoes!

    xoxo Callie


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