A Night Out with Rocky Votolato

The night before last we drove up to Austin to see one of our favorite musicians Rocky Votolato play at Stubb's.  It was a long awaited show, and the perfect timing for us to get out of town for a night, which I think was much needed.

Matt Pond opened up for him and I was blown away by their performance.  Honestly, I had listened to his stuff online before and couldnt really get into it.  But at this show they really broke it down to just him singing on guitar, one other guitarist and a cello player.  It was soulful and completely struck my heart.  The cello hit me to the core, along with his true to life lyrics.  Loved every moment of it.  And Rocky is even more amazing live, his voice is so full with the perfect amount of raspyness to it.  Not to mention he is as adorable as can be... (insert girly smiles and giggles)... He played some new songs that will be on an upcoming album that I loved, along with some older favorites.  Very good show, and so glad we went.  I was so tired that day I almost said lets not go.  So Im very happy I didnt wimp out.

James really doesnt like his picture taken, or else there would be a million of him on here... im lucky if i get one where he doesnt look mad or silly.  I have to steal them any chance I get!

I wore one of my newer Skyline Fever shirts to the show, Im completely in love with it... we need to get more of these!  we only order one s, m, l... and they are all gone before even going in the shop!  When paired with cotton leggings, its the most comfy outfit in the world!

Dorking out with my Rocky cd's to listen to on the way :)

I was so excited that he played my all time favorite song of his, Instrumental...  so so happy.  I brought my flip with me just in case he played it!

Enjoy the video :)



  1. So glad you decided to go as well! I knew it would be good for you to get out!

  2. I loooove Rocky Votolato! If I had known he was playing in Austin I would have totally tried to make it! I live about 3 hours away from Austin. He love his voice and this song it just beautiful! Thanks for sharing the video :)
    P.S. Girly smiles and giggles from me too...I love the beard!!!

  3. Hi! I have to admit I didn't knew Rocky Votolato before... So thanks for showing me :)! Can you recommend any of his albums, if I want to buy some?!

  4. Oh, how I long for tank top weather!

    So funny, I'm the same way as James. Hubby is photographer and I am most unphotogenic...always look mad or stupid.

    Should have taken a picture of the owl dress last night though. We went out too. I wore it with a long sleeve shirt underneath, black leggings, and sheepskin boots...oh, and your fab necklace. I was real pleased that it was flattering and I didn't feel fat.

  5. katelyn, you were right!

    mindi, wish you could have made it! it was such a good show...

    feemail, my favs are True Devotion and Makers :)

    amy, so glad you love your dress! sounds cute the way you layered it!

  6. Hey Laura, a lovely round up of photos. Looks like you had fun. There is nothing like seeing a live band that you love. x Jo

  7. I'm so jealous- I love Rocky!! Also, you look gorgeous here, as always. :D

  8. Ah,my boy & I both love Rocky & Matt Pond PA. Glad you had a good time!

  9. Awesome! I love your outfit, lots :) And what a BEAUTIFUL song!


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