Foot Fetish???

While I am waiting for my pizza dough to rise, I thought I'd share real quick how silly I am.  I know I take alot of feet shots, but goodness, ha ha!  This is just phone pics!  I wonder how many I have with my real camera?  Kind of silly, but fun I think.  To me, taking these shots is just quite irresistable.

Is there anything you cant help but take photos of over and over and over again???

Tonite we are grilling homeade pizzas on the bbq pit in the backyard, just me and my boy.  I am super excited for some good pizza with terryaki chicken, pineapple & avocado!  Yummy!!!



  1. I like to take pictures of my feet/shoes too! I love all of the different shoes you're wearing and the different places you took pictures! The picture of your feet in the grass is probably my favorite!

    I LOVE homemade pizza! My husband and I got a pizza stone for our wedding and we use it constantly! Enjoy your supper, it sounds perfect!! =)


  2. Yes! I take photos of my feet alot too! It all started with a photo of my toes on the beach several years ago! And your pizza sounds really good!

  3. Love all the pretty different shoes! I also love feet pictures especially when i'm wearing patterened socks and bright shoes :)

  4. Hey i really enjoy taking photos of my shoes, just like that.

    I really love your blog.
    I hope you can visit mine.

    have a nice and indie day


  5. i take millions of feet shots too, im gonna start taking one a day and posting them!

  6. I call them "you are here" shots. because that is right where you are in that moment. I love feet shots!

  7. Cats! Well, animals in general. I have pics of animals I've watched and seen in town.


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