Memories of Her... singing...

First of all, my heart aches for everyone in Japan right now.  So very devastating and sad.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to go through something like that.

It's been kind of an odd day after hearing news like that.  Trying to just keep on truckin' with normal life.  Took the kiddos to the vet today for baths, and now they are home so fluffy and clean.  Ive been packing boxes for moving, taking care of loan details, shipping packages & photographing new stuff...

Last night I had a cool dream that reminded me of my mother, so I thought it would be perfect to share another 'Memories of Her' post.  My mom used to sing all of the time.  She has such a beautiful voice.  Not on key, and not a classic what you would call singing voice, but soulful.  You could tell she felt everything she sang, and she had this certain twang to it.  I just adored it.  When I worked with her, we would sing together alot.  And there are certain songs that she sang throughout my entire life that Ill always remember.  John Sebastian's "Rainbows Over Your Blues" was one of them.

I dreamt I was walking along the street in public singing it to James and telling him that my mom used to sing it to me.  The dream had alot more to it, but that was the jist of the memory of the song.  I woke up with it in my head, and sang it all day long yesterday.  I remember her teaching me the words to it one day when I was a young teenager.  She loved it so much, and I think she sang it way better than he did :)  One day, Ill teach it to my kids.

Time to paint rainbows over our blues during this time, and love our families.  When you cant reach out to help across the world, put that love into your own family, dont take this life for granted day after day.  Once you are gone, the rest of us only have our memories of when you were here, so make them good ones.  Ones that we can all look back and smile upon.
And Happy 1 YEAR anniversary to my Nanna and her man!!!!  I cant believe its already been a year!  And they are still acting like teenagers :)  love you!



  1. "It's been kind of an odd day after hearing news like that. Trying to just keep on truckin' with normal life." Totally agree! It's so surreal and just seems slowmotiony..We are here safe and home with our families...And across the world..under the same skies...hundreds...if not thousands have nothing... It's sobering for sure.. I liked your post..Memories of your mom..That's awesome:-)I didn't feel like posting anything on my blog today..Many things seem so trivial and frivolous at the moment...But your post was great..Thanks for your sharing!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. thank you janette, i so know what you mean about most things seeming trivial and frivolous. completely. xoxo.

  3. I feel the same way ladies...today my heart goes out to my friend who is currently traveling in Tokyo. He is doing a year long trip to Asia and will finish in India...last we heard from him he was in Chichi Jima which is a small island about 80 miles off the cost of Tokyo...he was suppose to be on a boat going back to the mainland so we are not sure if he is ok...I keep trying to console my friend (its her brother)...I pray he is safe.

    Yeah, so many things that go on daily that we take for granted. I loved your post today Laura...Thanks for sharing.

  4. beautiful post. Thank you for sharing these memories!

  5. I've never herd that song before. Thanks for sharing it. I truly enjoyed it.

  6. Your momma is pretty, i like te picture of you two

  7. Beautiful! And so true!

    Happy Anniversary to your Nanna and her squeeze:)


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