Pain & Love

Today I feel the pain of the world around me.  Im sure its brought on simply because it is my girl time, and Ive had the house to myself all day.  As I worked on jewelry this morning, I watched Garden State.  Gosh how I love that movie.  But it only deepened the feeings that were bubbling under the surface.  I feel the pain of my family members, of my friends, of the widows, and the lost, of the ones reaching out so hard to find love but always being just shy of it, of people who are torn and beaten because of the hatred in their own families, of all the children who do not have a mother or father... I am simply sad in my heart today.

Its times like these that I feel so selfish for spending so much time and energy thinking about my dream home or my creations and such.  Not that those do not have meaning, I guess I just feel so humbled by life sometimes.  I feel so blessed and so rotten when I think of all the pain in this world.

Pain is definitely not something I choose to focus on most days.  Ive had plenty of it in my life so far and have overcome so much of it.  But I cant help but to be taken aback some days when I stop thinking about just my little family and life, and think of everyone around me.  Especially my core family members, my bestest of friends, etc.  Which then floods into the rest of the world.

My prayer for anyone feeling pain today, or any day, is that you can find a way to turn it into something beautiful.  Whether it is loving someone else the way you were not loved, which is so completely selfless and beautiful.  Or creating a work of art even if the tears are streaming down your cheeks.  Or instead of acting out in anger, to simply nurture something instead.

"behind every beautiful thing, there's been some kind of pain"
-bob dylan

(the statue in this photo traveled all the way from france to belong to my mother.  it was a gift from a dear friend.  it made it through its journey too late and she never got to see it.  you cant see from the photo, but it arrived broken and busted, but is still so beautiful.  my mom was not catholic, and neither am i, but she still collected these old weathered statues b/c she saw the beauty in them, even if she didnt believe or follow that religion.  Her heart was open to see beyond that.  And that is something I greatly admired in her.  I now have them on my mantle b/c I see the same things she saw in them)

My heart is swollen with love for those in my life right now.



  1. i think the world is, in general, a sad place right now. all we can do is create our own beauty, in our own lives. and you're doing that--what else can be done?

  2. Oh sweet Laura...I wish I lived near you so I can give you a great big "hug"...I know where you're coming from, I get that way too - no explanation needed...
    I hope tomorrow brings a better day :)

  3. Laura,
    My heart goes out to you....I have felt like that before as well. You are truly a beautiful soul. Life for the most part is a beautiful, there will always be pain but it takes people like you in the world to make it a better place. Never change, for you are amazing!

  4. My time of the month too, right there with you.

    I get easily caught up in the sorrows of the world myself. One of my favorite Buddhist teachers had a great way of explaining this. She said that if we never suffered that we wouldn't have compassion for others. Our suffering softens our hearts and in turn helps us to relate to others who are in need.

  5. Beautiful. I feel this way often, too.

  6. your words sum up the week we've been living around here ... the pain that has been felt as a result of events here in germany, something that for everyone has hit a little too close to home. We understand what can happen during a deployment but anyways. It scares me bringing the lil dude into this world, watching friends head off to undisclosed locations & praying the hubby will be around in 5 weeks to see his son being born. & i fell in love with this lil dude from the moment i knew he was in there, a love i never knew i could feel.

    but (& unfortunately) without pain we would never feel love ... they balance each other. We just have to overcome the former to experience the joy of the latter.

    greta words chica ... always love your honesty! xx

  7. thank u for sharing that. xoxo


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